Annie Leibovitz & Vanity Fair Debut Unbelievably Gorgeous Star Wars: The Last Jedi Photos

Laura Dern’s purple hair, unmasking Captain Phasma, family photos and more. Vanity Fair’s Star Wars: The Last Jedi photoshoot with Annie Leibovitz will give you many feelings.

Star Wars: The Last Jedi will be released December 15, 2017 and besides Star Wars Celebration’s big reveals, this is the first we’re seeing of the follow up to The Force Awakens. Vanity Fair has several articles up: the four covers, the cover story itself, the photo spread, the big reveal of Benicio Del Toro and Laura Dern’s characters, a deep dive into the photos with Lucasfilm Story Group creative executive Pablo Hidalgo, and behind-the-scenes of Carrie Fisher’s shoots. Click to enlarge.

I also had a little photoshop fun with the one cover image yesterday…

Click here for all the fun tidbits revealed in Vanity Fair’s features.

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  • WheelchairNinja

    A friend sent me the one of Luke and Leia so I saw it when I woke up, and I was all like “aw thanks, because I needed a good cry first thing in the morning…” ;(

  • DariaFan

    Does anyone else think it would be great for Billie Lourd’s character to be revealed as another Skywalker, either a child of Luke or Leia, and have a bigger role in episode 9, maybe help Kylo redeem himself, if they are going to redeem him. I think that would be cool. I also don’t know why they would have her dressed as her character in these photos and posed as she is if they weren’t going to give her and Leia a familial connection.

    • I think it’s just as simple as them being family in real life and it being a chance for a beautiful photo op.

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