David Bradley Chastises Peter Capaldi’s TARDIS Decorating in This Doctor Who Christmas Special Clip

The BBC has given us a clip from “Twice Upon a Time,” this year’s Doctor Who Christmas special starring Peter Capaldi and David Bradley as the Doctor.

Pearl Mackie will also return as Bill Potts and Mark Gatiss picks up another Doctor Who role as the Captain. I was pretty meh on last year’s special, here’s hoping this one is a bit more fun. Rachel Talalay directed and exiting showrunner Steven Moffat wrote the script. Will you be watching on Christmas Day? We should be getting that Jodie Whittaker regeneration into the 13th Doctor…I wonder if the first will be around to see it?

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  • teenygozer

    I wish we could have gotten just one last season of Capaldi with the new show-runner. I’m so glad to see Stephen Moffatt leave.

  • Imjustdoug .

    “I’d say stop being an idiot but I kinda know what’s coming.” And that look afterward… laughed till I cried. Priceless. If this is the kind of interaction we can look forward to that Christmas special is gonna be fun. And I am soooo keeping that line for future use.

  • WheelchairNinja the SpeedDemon

    Oof, that guy asking “One?”… Freaking heartbreaking. Dude deserves an Emmy.