Check Out the New Star Trek TV Logo and First Teaser

Screen Shot 2016-05-18 at 5.44.02 PM

CBS upfronts have afforded us our first, non-substantive, teaser for Bryan Fuller’s Star Trek series set for CBS All Access.

According to

CBS Studios debuted a teaser trailer and revealed the logo for the new Star Trek series today at the CBS upfront presentation for advertisers at Carnegie Hall in New York City. Les Moonves introduced the first elements for the show, which will premiere in January, 2017.

We’re still waiting to hear more about who will star in the show, who else will be working behind the scenes, and how the airings will actually play out for those not convinced to subscribe to CBS All Access.

[UPDATE: There are Easter Eggs!]

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  • Sadly if it’s not Hulu or Netflix or Amazon Prime, I won’t be watching it. Live TV is out of the question, and I’m not signing up for a new streaming service for one and only one show.

    • Howard_Bannister

      If they’re smart they’ll do the thing they do with their other shows where you can stream it for a few weeks after it airs for free, and then rope in subscribers when they fall behind.

      …still behind on Supergirl. Gotta catch up soon!!

      • Free but with commercials? Ever since I got the option to pay more to Hulu to not watch commercials I feel Ike TV is finally what I want. I lost all tolerance for commercials very quickly.

        Because they’re all so terrible. :(

        Which reminds me to donate to Jill….

  • Spidey Super Comments

    Oh, so the end says “coming to CBS”- so its not digital only?

    • The premiere will air on CBS, that might be what they’re talking about.

  • Spidey Super Comments

    I’m in.

  • I really hope we get some casting news soon. #CaptainGinaTorres

  • bandit_queen

    I want to be excited, but that teaser isn’t really giving me anything to be excited about yet. It’s basically the same roller-coaster-effect credit sequence animation I’ve seen a thousand times. Give me literally anything about the cast or characters or stories, then maybe I can get into it.

  • the silver ravens

    gah this trailer gave us nothing really…need more info

  • silaria

    I… I want to love it, but my mind keeps nitpicking at it.

  • WheelchairNinja

    That R is awful. I get that they’re trying to match the angles of the S, but it’s almost unrecognizable. Other than that I like it.

    • WheelchairNinja

      Compare the original R in “STAR” vs the quickly modified one in “TREK”

    • bandit_queen

      Maybe it’s an h? Maybe we’re meant to say it with an English accent? “Stahhh Trek.” (No, but really, I concur. That is some wacky typography.)

      • WheelchairNinja

        So it’s really called Stah Thek? “That’s how people talk in the 24th century, man! English pronunciation changed a lot when Andorian culture became super popular in the Federation!” ;)

  • lev36

    Wouldn’t it be awesome if it turned out to have a progressive tone as revolutionary as the original series? Yeah, I don’t think it’s likely either.

  • George Trello

    Isn’t it generally death to fly that close to a star at warp speed? Who’s piloting that camera?

    Too bad I can’t get excited for this, I’m not signing up for their streaming service so I’ll probably never see it. :(

  • Yonatan

    …wow that looks so much like the series 7b opening credits of Doctor Who. But in general…YAY STAR TREK SHOW!!!!