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Your latest stop to chat about all things nerdy or anything else going on this week that we’re not already covering on TheNerdyBird.com!

I finally got to see my favorite film, The Fifth Element, on the big screen for the first time.

I started a hashtag for folks to share what Wonder Woman means to them…

It’s Mera! Colorful Mera!

Talked about the lack of Westworld merch a while back and here we finally are…

Idris Elba Funko!

And finally, a reminder!

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  • Last night’s episode of American Gods has finally hooked me. I don’t remember Shadow’s wife returning in the book (although my memory of Shadow as being as bland as a rice cake holds up), but Emily Browning was tops and I loved every bit of it, including all the body horror stuff that normally sends me running for the freaking hills.

    And Alien: Covenant was fine. About as crap as I expected it to be. With low expectations, it was a passable movie going experience.

    I’ll probably have more to throw at ya’all later…but I’ve got to get to work for a bit. And maybe find some time for webcomicing.

    • That Which Dreams

      She did return in the book.

      • Yeah, I spoiled myself on the Wiki entry. I’m gonna revisit. Maybe I got bored and started reading another book halfway through.

  • VindicaSean

    Saw the new ALIEN movie tonight with my wife. Liked it a hell of a lot more than PROMETHEUS, and enjoyed how nihilistic and bleak it was. I barely paid attention to the marketing outside of the trailer, and honestly don’t get how people didn’t pick up on some of the stuff the movie was doing. But I also understand that because of its bleakness (it’s really effing bleak, people), a lot of people are gonna get turned off by it. I think it might actually make PROMETHEUS better for me. And I hated PROMETHEUS.

    • My review coming up in just a bit!

      • VindicaSean

        Looking forward to it!

  • Mark Wyman

    Eagerly awaiting the revival of the full-on 70’s Diana Prince look in the upcoming SummerOfWW cosplay. :)

  • WheelchairNinja