The Fresh New Wonder Woman Trailer Has a Little Princess

Get yer fresh new Wonder Woman trailer here!

This looks so beautiful!

Wonder Woman will hit theaters June 2.

Not sure why Gal Gadot’s first tweet was deleted but here’s another…

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  • Janelle S

    Deleted for the misspelled name of the island? Who needs that kind of troll bait?

    • Ohh, that’s it. Nice catch, I didn’t even notice but you know others would have for sure.

  • Nick Whitney

    Ok, not to be a Debbie Downer, it’s a pretty good trailer (I think the earlier ones were better – when she went over the top into No Man’s Land I literally said aloud, “You can’t go there, that’s No Ma-OOOOOOOH!) BUT there’s something I’m concerned about. A plot beat that hints that Diana is the best not because she’s just trained the hardest (though there is that too) but that there is something about WHAT she is that makes her different from the other Amazonians (Amazons?). I think we can all guess what that is right?

    • silaria

      It had damn well better be the breath of Athena, is all I’m saying.

      • Howard_Bannister

        Clay. Clay would work for me too.