Wonder Woman Gal Gadot Kicks Butt in an Action-Filled Super Bowl Ad with Jason Statham

So, is it safe to say this Super Bowl ad for Wix is Gal Gadot and Jason Statham’s audition tape for a future action film? Please say yes.

I’ll be honest, it took me a while to even figure out what this was an advertisement for (turns out Wix is a web development platform) but I didn’t care because I was so entertained. They’ve of course already both starred in Furious 7 but now I really, really want these two to star in their own action movie together. Perhaps even an action-comedy?

By the way, Gadot posted a new still of her as Wonder Woman today. Check out the detail on that breastplate!

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    I’m reminded of Undercover Blues. “Hey look, honey. It’s Morty.”