Watch Star Wars’ Daisy Ridley Deadlift 176 Pounds


Star Wars: The Force Awakens actor Daisy Ridley uploaded a fantastic video to her Instagram along with an inspiring message to women about body image.

The video was posted four months ago but I saw it making the rounds on Twitter today thanks to retweets.

In case you can’t read the inscription it says:

I don’t know if #fitnessfriday is a thing(?!) but HERE’S MINE! Lifting 80 kilos/176 pounds feeling like an absolute boss. 😏😏😏 Initially I had to pack on some muscle to look like a desert scavenger, but have continued working out because it makes me feel really good. The female form is beautiful in all shapes and sizes, whether that’s athletic, straight up straight down or curvy; you just have to do what makes you feel good, try not compare yourself to other people and LOVE YOURSELF!!! As it stands I’m of the athletic variety so I’m gonna keep pumping those weights 😄😄😄 #girlswholift

As if I didn’t adore her enough…

(via Erika Sorensen on Twitter)

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  • Horny_goat_weed

    She is one ugly woman.

  • Dennis Young

    Maybe she should have played Wonder Woman! :D

  • Jennifer Beckett Swiger

    is anyone interested in Star Wars Bangles?

    $15.00 can be purchased on my etsys site at:

  • Aron Sabaj

    Fuck yeah! Gotta love girls who lift!

  • Dan

    Watching her life weights is like watching her act. Strain, strain, strain.

  • Mickey

    It’s sad that she feels like she has to apologize for being athletic, and add a bunch of disclaimers. I really hate political correctness.

    Being fat and out of shape will kill you. Mother Nature is not P.C.

  • your trainer has taught you well. But you are not a Jedi yet.

  • Princess Consuela

    She’s using the force.

  • shapeshifter7

    Great Job GIrl! And with a. double overhand grip! Keep it up!

  • John Weland

    sadly… (for me anyway), I think she’s doing more than I can. Rock on lady!

  • Rohit Krishnan

    Bah!….shes totally using the force

  • Micky Roth

    The Force is strong with her…

  • American Ninja Wario

    Now she’s doing deadlifts on top of everything else? Ugh, Rey is such a Mary Sue! Oh wait…

  • Primus Inter Pares

    So, basically, that means she won’t be able to lift 75% of her nerdy fans.

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  • Harley Alderson

    im in the 170’s and i can barely lift 50lbs lol

  • JezmundFamily

    I’d say she’s around 130 lbs, so this would be an intermediate lift according to strength standards (meaning someone who’s likely been lifting 2 years), so bravo to her. She’s basically exactly where I’m at (adjusted for bring a 165 lb male of course)

    • Rachel

      Id more so say shes closer to 120

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  • Holly

    Really? You’re a dick and you don’t know what you’re talking about. Way to shame a woman for doing something that’s awesome. This is why so many women are intimidated to start lifting. Because “oh well any man can lift 300 lbs.” Being fit is awesome. So why the hell are you shaming her for it?

    I’m a female 5’4 140lb gym rat, I’ve been lifting for almost 2 years, and I just hit 250# DL. And I would NEVER look at this woman and tell her she’s not lifting enough. She is a badass. Oh, and she is way more famous and has way more money than you, so she doesn’t need to fool anyone rofl.

    • JezmundFamily

      Yo… You realize 250 for your size is practically elite, right?

      • Holly

        The comment I replied to, that is now deleted, was basically saying that she shouldn’t have bothered posting this because any high school football player can deadlift 300# and most women can easily deadlift 200.

        I mentioned my own DL weight because it took me 2 years of lifting to get there. :)

        • JezmundFamily

          Yea, I figured the deleted comment was something incredibly stupid.
          But anyway, I was just pointing out that 250 for a 140 lbs is considered advanced by the Strength Standard chart , which something you’d expect from someone lifting for many, many years. So super congrats on getting there in only 2 years. If you can eventually work up to 300, you’ll be considered elite strength, something that very few people, even those who train for their entire lives work up to.

  • Chris Villar

    Yeah, but she’s using the force…

  • Brad Tice

    Did you just compare a 5ft 5 124lb actress whose admittedly never been in a gym to a male football player? If you go on any strength training website, the weight she deadlifts is actually considered intermediate to advanced for her weight, oh and this is again for an actress that is new to a gym, not a gym rat or an athlete.

  • Brad Tice

    Did you just compare a 5ft 5 124lb actress whose admittedly never been in a gym to a male football player? If you go on any strength training website, the weight she deadlifts is actually considered intermediate to advanced for her weight, oh and this is again for an actress that is new to a gym, not a gym rat or an athlete.

  • eimb1999

    Big deal. My wife is 4’11-1/2″, is in her late 50’s, weighs 115 lbs and can carry me on her back. I am 6 feet and weigh 235.

    • professorbeard

      There’s always that guy.

    • angranoid

      Big deal. MY wife is 3 foot 18, is 120 years old, weighs minus 60 squillion pounds and can carry a pyramid of circus elephants on her head.

  • Jim Monk

    Very good form and both hands the same.OUTSTANDING .

  • Nick Rhine

    Then tore her ACL while running from storm troopers. Somebody should have gotten a sprinting coach..

    • Abrasax

      Yeah she had an injury on set! Not so strong is she??! Dude, seriously, what was your point? What do you deadlift and how’s your sprint?

  • WFDT

    She kicks ass. I’d watch the shit out of a buddy movie with Rey and Furiosa.

    • Stef

      Oh me too!!!!!!!!! Please someone make that

  • Todd Thomas

    Is that a lot for a female?(serious) really good job! might i suggest reverse grip(right palm to you, left palm away or vise versa)

    • Daniel Jcs

      It’s decent for a female, but why suggest a different grip when you obviously know very little about the topic at hand? Even moreso since she doesn’t seem to have trouble with grip strength which would be the only reason to incorporate the mixed grip (unless you like bicep tears for which it is a formidable choice).

      • Todd Thomas

        Because i was taught to have opposite grips. Its not like im saying: “You must use this other grip.” I don’t pay attention to what females lift, because it doesn’t matter because i am male.

        You mentioned bicep tears: why would reverse grip cause this? Should I have the same grip?

        • John J

          One of the big benefits of mixed grip (reverse would be both palms facing away) is that you don’t have to have as much grip strength when deadlifting heavier weights. It’s the same reason people use wraps or chalk. As far as bicep tears, the only thing I can think of is people bending their arms while deadlifting… I honestly wouldn’t worry about it.

          Do what’s more comfortable for you, unless you’re specifically looking to build grip strength and are willing to deadlift less in the meantime.

        • JezmundFamily

          Naw, but you should only use the mixed grip (or reverse grip as you call it) when you can’t continue double overhand anymore. Mixed is sort of a “cheat” that has its place (I use it once I get past 3 plates), but you’re doing yourself a service by going overhand as long as possible to get your raw grip stronger. It’s sort of like squatting ass to ground for as heavy as you can and then switching to squatting just parallel when it gets too crazy.

      • JezmundFamily

        You should only mixed grip when you absolutely can’t lift anymore and want to keep going. I train double overhand 90% of the time except for when I’m feeling crazy and wanting to smash some PR’s

    • Mia

      It depends on her weight, exactly as for men. She may be around 55 kg, so this lift is above intermediate. You can use this tool to compare weightlifting performances:

      • JezmundFamily

        I love how this tool gives you absolutely no reference regarding what it’s calculating. Like oh, I scored a 118! Great! I have no idea what that means. It doesn’t seem to differentiate between different lifts either.

        • Mia

          It’s to COMPARE performances: so it tells nothing about 1 lift.

          • Rachel

            Thank you for making the most sense Mia :)

        • lunarul

          it’s a Wilks calculator, so it’s assumed you already know what Wilks is. If you don’t, just google it.

    • Jonathan

      It depends on the individual’s weight. Yeah, I tend to use reverse grip when going heavier, which this seems to be for her. I honestly don’t think it matters whether it is heavy for her or not, just great that she’s doing it. Good to see her form looks pretty good, though not the best angle to judge.

  • Amanda M (@mommygorun)

    OH how I want Daisy to join !!!!

  • Christopher Scanlan

    Great work!!!

  • Kenny Myers

    and without hand wraps? Impressive.

    • MyDarkMeatRises

      Most Impressive.

      If you only knew the deadlift power of the dark side.