Comment Policy


“Be excellent to each other.”

That’s the motto here at and we expect our users to abide by it.

Unlike a lot of other places online, there is a very, very, VERY strict comment policy here. You may not like it or agree with it but guess what? I don’t care.


Our comment policy is, but is not limited to:

  • Please discuss! We love a healthy conversation about the topic at hand!
  • If your comment does not immediately appear on the site after you’ve posted, it might have been flagged for review. Do not resubmit your comment multiple times.
  • Comments can be flagged for review by our users. Please do not abuse this option for other users you simply disagree with, it makes real moderation more difficult).
  • Please listen to what other users have to say instead of just talking at them. Differing points of view are welcome as long as the discussion stays civil.
  • If you catch a spelling or grammatical error, we’d love to know about it. Just be polite. GOOD: “Hey, you’ve got XYX here when it should be XYZ.” BAD: “This post is filled with grammar mistakes,” “You wrote the word X instead of Y, the definition of X is XYZ and the definition of Y is ZYX. I can’t believe you don’t know the difference.”


  • Personal attacks or threats against anyone (yes, that includes celebrities) or the site itself will be deleted. We have a wide definition of “personal attacks.”
  • Troll behavior is certainly not tolerated. This could mean literally anything. But if you’re a troll, you probably already know it.
  • If you become a detriment to the atmosphere of the comments section you will be deleted/banned.

Reminder: your freedom of speech is not being hindered by not being able to comment HERE. You can spout your nonsense elsewhere online all you like.