Hey, That’s My Cape! – DC’s Changes Good For Fans?

Waiting for the big DC news to drop yesterday was a bit nerve wracking. I’ve gotten to know quite a few DC staffers in the past few years and I knew whatever the announcement was could potentially be bad for any number of them. Although the news said DC’s multi-media and digital content productions would be located on the West Coast while print publishing would remain on the East in New York City, it didn’t seem to be quite the sigh of relief employees were looking for.

Then the other shoe dropped. Or should I say, the other imprint dropped. After shutting down the Zuda webcomics site a few months ago, a joint statement was issued yesterday by DC Entertainment’s Dan DiDio and Jim Lee on The Source blog saying not only is Zuda to be disbanded entirely but that WildStorm, founded by Lee in 1992, was also shutting down. Titles that may or may not continue from these two imprints would have a DC branding on them moving forward.

So everyone is talking about what DC Comics’ new plans mean financially and for their employees but what does it mean for the fans? That’s what I dissect in this week’s Hey, That’s My Cape! at Newsarama.