It’s Time For The 2013 MDA Muscle Walk!

Hello! Two times a year I ask you all to help me out for a cause near to my heart – raising money to fight Muscular Dystrophy. Well, this is one of those times.

The 2013 Muscular Dystrophy Association Muscle Walk is coming up March 23rd! I’ve been attending since 2009 but unfortunately I won’t be able to actually go to this year’s walk. HOWEVER, my team “The Nerdy Birds” will still be doing our part to help everyone else beat last year’s total!

How can you help?

First and foremost, a donation would be spectacular. You can do that securely online at our team page. We’ve set the team goal at $2,000 but I’m hoping we can bring more in! I say this every time but ANY amount is the perfect amount. If you can give $1, give $1. If every one of my Twitter followers gave $1 each I’d raise over $20,000 for MDA! It adds up quickly.

Second, if you cannot donate I ask that you spread the word. Twitter, Facebook, Google +, Myspace, message boards, billboards, anywhere! Getting the word out means possible donations and the closer The Nerdy Birds can get to their goal!

Thank you all so much for always being there for me and thank you to the newcomers for the help as well. :)