Mark Millar Addresses Kristen Stewart ‘Wanted 2’ Rumors, Won’t Be Upset If Sequel Never Happens

Nothing’s ever a sure thing in Hollywood — even the most bankable actors, actresses and directors can have flops. When their film hits theaters, there’s always a chance of failure, but when you make it a comic book movie, the risk seems even higher.

So far, Mark Millar has an impressive batting average with film adaptations of his comics Wanted and Kick-Ass grossing close to $440 million dollars worldwide, not including DVD sales.

Granted, Wanted did have one very valuable asset on it’s side: Angelina Jolie. But seeing as how she’s confirmed that she won’t return for the sequel, will it even happen?

That’s exactly what I asked Millar. Find out what he said plus his surprising words about the Kristin Stewart casting rumor in my latest article at MTV Splash Page.