The Latest Young Justice Netflix Update Is There’s No Update


Cartoon Network’s Young Justice was gone way before its time and both fans and creators have kept a fire lit to get another season. But one fan recently lit a bonfire the creators are trying to put out.

Earlier this year, creator Greg Weisman and voice actor Khary Payton were getting Young Justice fans to work towards a possible future for the series by asking them to stream the existing two seasons on Netflix. The thinking was, Netflix would see a lot of people were interested and perhaps greenlight Season 3.

Skip ahead to this week when CosmicBookNews reported on a reddit post (so take that for what it’s worth) which read, “Today I met Peter David writer of Young Justice at Terrific Con at Mohegan Sun in CT.” In the comments the user describes his interaction with David:

He mentioned; •Young Justice was in fact canceled due to poor toy sales even though very few toys were produced not because lack of views or quality •Bloodlines is his favorite episode while the 1st draft copy he signed and gave me contains scenes cut from the final product •After seeing the large increase of views on Netflix, Netflix approached him for a 3rd season not long ago, he’s hoping for even more seasons after that •He’s not a fan of Teen Titans Go •He also wrote episodes for the popular show Ben 10 and Ben 10 Alien Force

It didn’t take long for work to reach Weisman and David who tweeted:

To which the redditor posted, “Im not trying to be defensive or anything but I feel like he’s covering his own ass. He told me he met with Netflix.” Whether that’s the case or there was simply a miscommunication about what “meeting” David was referring to, I can’t be sure but Netflix is definitely paying attention to the numbers and Weisman wants to make sure fans don’t forget that.