10 Tips for Getting Some Action at SDCC

​You bought your ticket to San Diego Comic-Con months ago and now it’s finally here. The Mecca of Nerds. Geek prom. Basically, home away from home. You’ve planned your schedule carefully so you’re guaranteed to get the most out of your trip and are putting final preparations in order.

Comfortable shoes? Check. Your four best superhero t-shirts? Check. Sketchbook? Check. Condoms? Che… wait, what are you going to need those for? You’re not getting laid. Or are you? Here’s a few tips for the geeks and geekettes that will hopefully help you get some action for the first time at Comic-Con. Or, you know, the first time ever.

It’s my latest at Topless Robot and yes, it’s a guide for both boys AND girls. And no, I’m not saying you should go to SDCC with the aim of getting laid, it’s just some suggestions that might help you along if you’re inclined to do so. Or not even that much, a nice kiss is always acceptable too. :)

Check out my 10 Tips for Getting Some Action at SDCC!