10 Women Who Need to Start Kicking Ass Again

I’m a Doll. An honorary Heartless Doll to be precise. At least for today. My first (and hopefully not my last) article has been posted on Heartless Doll. “What is Heartless Doll,” you say? Well it’s the sister blog to Topless Robot and it is full of spunk and hilarity. “Jill, when do you find time to sleep,” you say? Stop asking so many questions.

When it comes to kicking ass, no one does it better than a woman. I mean really. As much as I love him, the Bruce Willises of the world are a dime a dozen and there’s always going to be some hot up-and-coming male action star to keep the terrorists or aliens at bay. Wouldn’t you prefer to watch someone like Kate Beckinsale or Angelina Jolie roundhouse kick well, anyone, in the face? I know I would, but for me it’s not just the eye-candy factor, it’s watching the “fairer sex” do something I’ve wanted to do for years now – beat the men of this world to a bloody pulp. Here are a few experts wasting their potential elsewhere who need to get back in the game immediately.

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7 Responses to “10 Women Who Need to Start Kicking Ass Again”

  1. Anonymous says:

    IMHO, Buffy and Xena needed to "start kicking ass again" long before their respective shows ended. I actually quit watching both shows because they got too soap operish and self indulgent (e.g., the musical episodes). Too much angst, not enough action.

  2. Anonymous says:

    I would like to see Lucy Lawless as Wonder Woman, Emma Peel, or Modesty Blaise, but she probably doesn't want to be typecast as an action hero.

  3. Oh man! I can't believe I didn't think of Pam!

  4. Anonymous says:

    Should include Pam Grier too!=)

  5. Rafiq Raja says:

    I still remember those Xena the Warrior Princess Serial. Man, she is the ultimate kick-ass girl.


  6. Randy says:

    Awesome list, Jill. Nice to see She-Ra on there. My brother and I still talk about the couple of times we went to the theater to see Secret of the Sword back in the 80s. I was 15, he was 5.

  7. wik says:

    A piece about 'women who need to kick ass again' reminds me… Gail Simone having a go at Black Canary again in Wonder Woman. Finally! Haven't seen Black Canary show what she can REALLY do since the JLA vs Injustice League fight and her training the new Furies on Themyscira (by taking them apart completely)…