ABC tells Fables

You’ve always wanted to see your favorite storybook characters come to life. ABC is making that a reality. The network has made a pilot commitment to adapt Bill Willingham’s wildly successful Vertigo comic book series, Fables.

The Hollywood Reporter states Six Degrees creators/executive producers Stu Zicherman and Raven Metzner will be writing the script and describes the two as “lifetime comic book fans,” who are also fans of Fables. David Semel will be directing what’s said to be an hour long drama following the fairy tale characters in their exiled home in modern day New York.

Bigby and Snow White will be featured in the show similar to how they are in the comic series but the writers wouldn’t elaborate on which other Fables would actually appear. “We set up a structure to allow any fairy tale character to show up in any one episode,” Metzner said. Expect the characters to keep their trademark characteristics but don’t worry, you’ll still be able to relate to them. Metzner explained, “They are just like real people in the real world who live and breathe and look just like you and me.”
Rival network NBC attempted to develop the comic during the 2006-2007 season with writer Craig Silverstein but nothing ever came of it. Something tells me they’ll be cursing themselves all the way back to the Homelands.
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  1. @ Ghost In The Shadows, my mom watched Boston Legal and she told me about some of that stuff so yeah, I’m surprised too.

    @GB, the thing that’s good about Fables is it’s not instantly recognizable as a comic to those outside the comic world. I doubt they’ll even promote it as a comic adaptation when/if they have commercials. So here’s hoping the general public likes it as much as I do!

    @mandy, no I don’t think I caught that one. I’m kinda surprised I didn’t. Where was I? Haha

    @melissa, wow you have some great choices on your list! I also thought of Hugh Jackman. I can see Sarah Michelle Gellar playing Beauty. And a cleaned up Colin Farrell as Prince Charming.

  2. AND mandyannemurray, I LOVE THE 10TH KINGDOM!! Seriously, it is amazing…and I went through a big Scott Cohen stage when it first aired on the tele…and I agree, he would make a GREAT Bigby. Jill, I add him to my list above! Now I’ll have to dedicate a full day to the movie soon…

  3. I’ve definitely thought about who would play him often…either Viggo Mortenson, Russel Crowe, Billy Crudup, and I’ll throw in Hugh Jackman because I just saw Australia…and damn! What a body!! OH and I think Anne Hathaway would be dead on for snow white. Who are you thinking of?

  4. Jill, do you remember the 10th Kingdom? It was a miniseries on NBC back in 2000. Very fables-esque.

    The guy who played Wolf, Scott Cohen, certainly could look the part of Bigby, but that might be too similar of a role. :)

  5. GeekBoy says:

    Cool. I’ve only read a few issues of Fables, and that’s only because I discovered it late, and haven’t gotten around to buying the trade paperbacks to read it from the start. But just from those few issues, I can see how this would be a great premise for a TV show. Which is maybe the better way to think of it?

    Because if they try too hard to purely adapt the comic, it’s probably going to fail. From what I understand, both Dexter and True Blood have deviated from their source works … but both are great shows that work on their own merits, because the show creator has their own clear vision. That to me is more important than a religiously “true” adaptation.

    Pick and choose the elements that work, but at the end of the day, it has to be a good TV show, first and foremost, or nobody but the comic fans will watch it, and it will get canceled.

  6. Just when I thought that I would be pissed about ABC letting Boston Legal leave the air…..I read this excellent news. Here is hoping that Fables makes it. They need to make sure episodes go to however greenlit the last few months of Boston Legal. I still wonder how all that anti-ABC and all the stuff they said were allowed, I am glad, but still………

  7. Randy says:

    I read like the first year or two of Fables. It’s good stuff. Way too good for a network owned by the Disney Co.

    I’m not saying they are not capable of quality adult programs. I watch Grey’s Anatomy and Private Practice with my wife every week. Mind you, I’m not saying ABC is going to have many problems. I’m saying their parent company might.

  8. Wow I’m surprised you guys think they’ll censor out the good stuff. When was the last time you watched ABC? Sure they have wholesome stuff like Extreme Home Makeover but they also have shows like Desperate Housewives, Dirty Sexy Money, Brothers and Sisters, Grey’s Anatomy and lets not forget Lost. All of those shows have sex, drugs and all kinds of stuff in them. I’m not saying stuff won’t be changed from the comic but I don’t think they’ll shy away from the controversial stuff either.

    Randy, have you read Fables?

    Melissa, who do you think should play Bigby?

  9. NO WAY!!! I can’t believe this! I’m so excited!!!!!!! WOW…although I am a bit skeptical as to how it’s going to be portrayed with all the censorship rules…but still…so excited!!

  10. Eric N B says:

    I also have my reservations. I did read the series for about a year and a half during its initial run, but had to drop it due to finances. I enjoyed it quite a bit. I strongly suspect the T.V. version would be nothing like the comic book series, which was quite mature. I don’t think the writers will be able to translate that material into a series. I could be wrong. I will watch it IF it airs.

  11. Randy says:

    I’m worried about this project being in the hands of ABC. ABC is owned by Disney. Disney has made its reputation on adapting these fables into their own versions. So much so, that many people have forgotten the real stories over the Disney versions.

    I worry that the censors at ABC will allow very little of the material to pass through to what we will eventually see on screen.

    Also, the fact that they’ve only committed to making a pilot does not mean that a series or even the pilot will air.

    I’m somewhat skeptical about this being good news.

  12. You’re welcome. I am overflowing with excitement!!

    Now we can start obsessing over who they should cast. :)

  13. OH MY! This totally made me give a fangirl *squee* at my desk.

    I love this series.

    Thanks for the news!