Back to School! Marvel’s Spider-Man: Homecoming Open Thread

I’m still mulling on Marvel’s Spider-Man: Homecoming so in the meantime, please accept this open thread to talk about spoilers from the new film!

I will say, I enjoyed it greatly. I haven’t laughed that much in a while and delightful side-step outside of Marvel’s current storylines. What did you think?

9 Responses to “Back to School! Marvel’s Spider-Man: Homecoming Open Thread”

  1. […] there were two things nagged at me after the fact. One is a spoiler, which I’ve posted in the comments of my open thread here, the other was the lack of character development for Aunt […]

  2. I wanted to mention how ridiculous I thought the MJ “secret” was. This reveal was basically given away by a superhero tabloid site ages ago and I thought it was weird then but I maintain it makes no sense. Like, what was the point in not having her just be MJ throughout the film? Here’s hoping they don’t give her a makeover over summer vacation and suddenly Peter is now attracted to her…

    • It reminded me of the Khan reveal in Star Trek 2: Electric Boogaloo. Like, the nerd audience is supposed to go, gasp, it’s Mary Jane! But…it’s not Mary Jane. It’s MJ? Who is a new character? Which is fine? Or it IS Mary Jane, so make her Mary Jane? And not have her normal person and non super hero name be a secret? Because it means absolutely nothing to the characters or to people unfamiliar with the source material? For godsake? Question marks?

      • David Ellis says:

        And I’m pretty sure that any attempt to bring in MCU Mary Jane would be met with, “well, we already have an MJ.”

  3. Richard Bacon says:

    To me, the essence of Spider-Man is 2fold. First, he is THE hard-luck superhero–he always, ALWAYS, faces O. Henry like twists that require him to sacrifice his personal gain for the greater good. Second, in spite of point one, he makes those tough choices and fights on good humor. The 1st 2 Sam Raimi movies got point one just fine, but in my recollection they missed out on point 2. I think SM:H got the balance JUST right. Yeah, Spider-Man has to make choices that much older heroes would find tough to bear, but heck, he’s still a 15-year old kid, he’s got a lot of life ahead of him, and being Spider-Man is WAY COOL.

  4. I loved it. All my criticisms fall under a general “Miles Morales” label that is encompassing and sweeping and I’d jabber on about hypocrisy…except I loved it, so I’d be as much as a hypocrite as the creators. More of this, less sad Cap/Iron Man, please.

    • “More of this, less sad Cap/Iron Man, please.” A thing I’m writing may be just like that…

      • Hooray! My thinking is…in times of tranquility…dark entertainment is tops. But we’re in this period where…the government is trying to kill people…the environment…everything is topsy turvy and gross…it’d be nice to see at least our fictional heroes having a good time.