The best DC Comics commercial money couldn’t buy

We’ve seen and heard so much about the DC relaunch and as far as marketing goes, nothing has really struck a cord with fans. The official DC commercial was well-produced and flashy but didn’t really give me a compelling reason to read the new books. That being said, this fan made video speaks for the fans while making fun of them at the same time and oddly parallels my previous story about dating a geek. Watch for yourself.

It’s going to be okay, guys.
You can thank Patrick Willems and Lumberjack Films for this one. Well done.

5 Responses to “The best DC Comics commercial money couldn’t buy”

  1. @Vice Presidential, Barry following the advice of the stranger was a bit odd but as far as your other issues, GL isn't actually going to be changing all that much. It's one of the aspects of the DCU they decided not to change. Justice League #1 is meant as an introduction and takes place 5 years earlier. It's meant to be a book about the Justice League forming for the first time. So that's why no one knows each other and that was obviously done for new readers' sakes.

  2. I just read flashpoint 5 and justice league one and I feel like DC thinks were all stupid. Just some random ghost woman shows up and Barry Allen picks some other universe than his own? Plus how will green lantern change, it ended on a cliffhanger. And justice league 1 is like a kids intro comic, with no one knowing each other. It reminded me of that Subway comic ad taking up pages in DC books lately. This is all incredibly sad and incredibly lame and in 6 months when this goes nowhere, I will laugh at the firing of DC brass.

  3. Mummbles says:

    Funny commercial, why restart the entire DC Universe though?

  4. DarthRevan says:

    "Aquaman is suddenly cool?!?"

    My thoughts exactly.

  5. TheGrav says:

    "Wait you're talking about Comics!?!"

    I have heard variations of this more than once in my life… :) Mostly while doing SCIENCE! Or playing a Video game..

    Us Geeks have such focus, drive, and clarity of vision!