Alan Kistler and I have stopped slacking off now that the holidays are over and have all-new episodes of Crazy Sexy Geeks for you to enjoy!

We’ve had lots of fun topics and fabulous guests on the podcast recently. Back in December we spoke with DC Comics writer on Green Arrow, Captain Atom and more, J.T. Krul. And just a few weeks later I got the opportunity to interview one of my favorite writers, Buffy the Vampire Slayer/Once Upon A Time’s Jane Espenson! We had an in depth talk about writing in the industry, plus her new web series Husbands. (I also gave a wrap-up of this interview at The Mary Sue)

And just a few weeks ago, Alan and I got to chatting about the shake-up in DC’s New 52, 6 titles cancelled, 6 new ones announced. We also discuss Marvel’s upcoming cartoon block. In the most recent episode we talk about the great SOPA blackout, a FOX affiliate calling comic books porn while showing them to middle school kids and Snooki discussing the X-Men. Crazy, I know.
All that plus lots of geeky dating advice and stories shared as well. Make sure to catch up on all the past episodes you may have missed and look out this week for another special guest appearance…Chase Masterson from Star Trek: Deep Space Nine!