Christina Hendricks Brings Lois Life in ALL-STAR SUPERMAN

Last week you read my interview with Christina Hendricks about DC heroines and Joss Whedon’s The Avengers, now find out what it was like taking on the iconic role of Lois Lane in All-Star Superman, in stores now.

“She is a perfect Lois Lane,” said Voice Director for the film, Andrea Romano. “She’s got power and yet she’s very feminine and that’s why I cast her in the first place because watching her work on Mad Men, she’s very feminine, my goodness, very feminine and yet she’s the head of that office, she runs that office.”

“She’s a little more rough around the edges, this Lois Lane than of course the character I play on Mad Men,” said Hendricks, “but they’re both very strong women and very independent and I don’t think they’re so different necessarily. But [this is] definitely more of an adventurous Lois.”
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