Etta Candy Gets Some Extra Screen Time in Adorable Wonder Woman Blu-Ray Promo

Patty Jenkin’s Wonder Woman gets its digital release this week and Warner Bros. is giving us a little more Etta Candy to celebrate.

Lucy Davis’ Etta was one of the best parts of Wonder Woman but sadly, she didn’t get a ton of screen time. Thankfully, Warner put together this fun promo featuring the actor in character and the blu-ray will feature an epilogue called “Etta’s Mission” in which she gets “the boys back together for a secret mission that could impact humanity’s future.” While the film comes to digital Tuesday, August 29th you won’t be able to get the blu-ray until September 19th. If you’re looking to pre-order you can do so at my Amazon affiliate link!

Speaking of Wonder Woman, in case you missed it there was a bit of a kerfluffle last week after James Cameron made some funny comments about the film. I wrote about it for The Hollywood Reporter: “What James Cameron Doesn’t Get About Strong Female Characters.” Enjoy! Share!

(via io9)