Fangirls Frenzy!

Whilst I was out in Los Angeles, a very delightful journalist named Cary Ashby from the Norwalk Reflector and his own blog, Cary’s Comics Craze, posted a lengthy interview he did with myself and fellow writer Stephanie Carmichael (aka WITA). It got lost in the crazy LA shuffle so I’m here now to bring you a few excerpts and links to all the rest!

Fangirls frenzy (CCC exclusive interview pt. 1):

CCC: Would you consider yourself a DC, Marvel or indie girl?
Pantozzi: “I’m almost strictly a DC Comics fan. Those were the characters I was most familiar with growing up so it was easy to delve into their universe. I’m a huge Batman fan so I real just about every title he’s in. Right now I’m also really enjoying seeing the new Batwoman take center stage in DETECTIVE COMICS. What Greg Rucka and JH Williams III are doing there is just phenomenal. The GREEN LANTERN books are also at the top of my list which I never could have predicted I’d be so into. Geoff Johns writing plays a big part in that; he’s just endlessly talented.”

CCC: Most of the comics-oriented films featuring females have been box office duds. Why is that? What needs to be done to make future films appealing and successful (in terms of box office and creativity)?

Pantozzi: “I think people aren’t used to or comfortable with women in a starring role where they are all-powerful. More often then not, if a woman has a starring role in a film it’s a romantic comedy. That’s what people expect. I also think name recognition is a big deal. ‘Elektra’ was a flop because to the non-comic reading public she was a nobody. Why would they bother going to see the movie? Because she was seen in another superhero film that didn’t do that well either?

CCC: What’s it like being a “fangirl” in a culture seemingly dominated by males? What kind of response do you get from the general public and/or fanboys when they discover you’re a fan?

Pantozzi: “Some people are shocked to learn I read comic books or love sci-fi, but most people, if they’re into the same thing, will just think it’s cool. Of course every once in a while you’ll get a smart aleck who thinks you must be lying and tries to test your knowledge of said culture. I take great pleasure in flexing my giant geeky brain to put them in their place.”

Power Girl, a DC heroine infamous for being drawn with large breasts showing a lot of cleavage, is a character Pantozzi said she has “recently grown to love.” “I’ve always thought she was a cool, tough chick, but since Jimmy Palmiotti, Justin Gray and Amanda Conner started her solo book she’s really become one of my favorites. Some people, men and women alike, shy away from her because she’s famous for her rather large cleavage that’s out there for the world to see and gawk at. But if people actually took the time to read the book and get to know the character you’d see past the giant chest,” Pantozzi said. “More importantly, it’s a fact of life. There are women in this world with large breasts and yes, some of them choose not to hide them,” she added.

And there you have it folks, click on the links to read the rest of the interview! If you’re in the deliviery area you might have noticed a portion of it was actually in the Norwalk Reflector printed edition. Thanks a lot to Cary for letting me be gab about my favorite subject. :)