Our First Look at the Unofficial Roswell Continuation, Baron and Toluca, Is Here

Majandra Delfino and Brendan Fehr are closer than ever to recreating their Roswell characters Maria and Michael for Netflix. Check out the first teaser for Baron and Toluca.

It was back in June I told you about this surprising project. At the time, the actors were asking Roswell fans to tweet at Netflix in the hopes they could get their “spiritual successor” series on air. Now, Entertainment Weekly has debuted this teaser clip and spoke with Delfino and Fehr.

Delfino told them the idea began as a “meta-take” because of how well the two actors always worked together.

My original thought had been that the inciting incident between our characters would happen at a Comic-Con-type festival. Then Brendan and I and the rest of the Roswell cast were invited to the ATX Television Festival in Austin [in 2014]. We were there in the setting I had imagined and I was like, “This would be so awesome.” I mean, we did not really have a paranormal experience [Laughs] — but when we got there, I was stunned with how many people were there to see us and still just so in love with not just Roswell, but also with our characters, Michael and Maria, and their dynamic that it gave me the fuel to keep writing. I always, always wrote it with Brendan in mind, but never really said anything.

A few years later and Fehr contacted her saying they should work together again. The rest is history.

They also mention they’d be happy for a network to pick up Baron and Toluca but feel Netflix gets “what this needs to be” and promise lots of Easter eggs for fans (some of which you can already see in this teaser). “It really captures that love-hate that Brendan and I do so well,” said Delfino. “That’s why the promo is the way it is because it’s kind of inviting the audience to come with us on this new frontier that will feel slightly familiar. It will feel nostalgic as Brendan said, but be its own thing.”

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  1. DameKinouMentheOfThawneMajesta says:

    Woooow… Nostalgia. I don’t think I ever saw the entire series. But those two were probably my favourite characters on the show.