Georges Jeanty Rules the Buffyverse

Can you imagine what it’s like being responsible for bringing characters fans have come to know and love over seven seasons of television to the comic page? That’s the duty Buffy the Vampire Slayer Season 8 artist Georges Jeanty shouldered when Joss Whedon handpicked him for the gig. Fazed? Hardly. Jeanty was too busy enjoying his comics, sci-fi and horror to notice the pressure.

I recently interviewed Jeanty for the Girls Entertainment Network. Here’s a taste:

I’m a huge comic fan so doing homage covers was something I was itching to do. Not all the time, mind you, just where it seem to fit like the cover to Action Comics with Superman’s first appearance. There have also been gag covers that weren’t taken from a comic book but film. Like the cover with Faith and Giles as the British characters the Avengers. So when we can do something cheeky with the alternate cover, we try to. It’s a lot of fun going back and forth with Joss and the Editorial staff about what we should do every month, let me tell you!

I got to chat with the hard-working illustrator about his love of the Slayer and what’s coming up in the series now that Season 8 is coming to a head. And will there be a Season 9? Head over to GEN to find out!