Gore Verbinski out for Bioshock movie

Back in May, it was announced that Take-Two Interactive and Universal Studios were teaming up with Gore Verbinski to create a Bioshock film. Well, the good news is, it’s still a go, the bad news is, Verbinski is out as director.

According to Variety, Spanish director Juan Carlos Fresnadillo (28 Weeks Later) is now in talks to helm the video game adaptation. However, Verbinski will still be producing. “Verbinski opted out of directing because the film has been re-calibrated to shoot aboard (sic) to access tax credits and favorable exchange rates. Verbinski couldn’t do that because he is locked into directing the Paramount animated film ‘Rango,’ with the title character voiced by his ‘Pirates of the Caribbean’ cohort Johnny Depp,” reported Variety. Apparently the decision is contingent on the game developer, who has final say.

As if things weren’t complicated enough. “Universal then put the brakes on during the pre-production phase, because the budget rose to $160 million and the studio needed it to cost less. At the time, Universal sources vowed this would not turn into another ‘Halo’—U and partner Fox dropped out of that vidgame adaptation, which was to be directed by ‘District 9’ helmer Neill Blomkamp with Peter Jackson producing. The negotiations with Fresnadillo indicate the studio is determined to make ‘Bioshock’—offshore,” said Variety.
Negotiations with a Spanish man mean they are determined to work outside the United States? Ok. What’s unfortunate about this turn of events is Verbinski chose to direct Bioshock over a fourth Pirates film and well, the ship maybe have already sailed on that one as Rob Marshall is in talks to take over the franchise. As much as I would have loved for Verbinski to direct, I just want this to get made and not sit in development hell for years. I almost feel like they’re holding off purposely to see how the sequel BioShock 2 does before moving forward. Anyone else get that feeling?

5 Responses to “Gore Verbinski out for Bioshock movie”

  1. Anonymous says:

    this was such big news, I wonder how this will work out now?

  2. David says:

    Nicely written article :) I wish the ship would sink on Pirates of the Caribbean. I can't wait for "it's a small world" film adaptation

  3. That's too bad – I like Gore as a director, though I enjoyed 28 Weeks Later more than I expected to. Oh well – I hope it comes off well – we can always use another scary video game adaption.

  4. Thanks, it's fixed!

    This is actually one adaptation I really WANT to see. But that's just because I think it has great creepy potential. Not to mention gorgeous set design. :)

  5. aughndibi says:

    The whole thing seems needlessly complicated. I'm honestly beginning to wonder if I'll see a good videogame-to-film adaptation in my lifetime. The Neill Blomkamp Halo film would have been AMAZING, judging by his work in District 9, but that fell apart. Honestly, though, does anyone really WANT a BioShock or Halo film that badly? We've already experienced the story in it's purest form.

    Also, I think you may have a small typo in the article: "What's unfortunately about this turn of events…"