Grandparents Cosplaying Star Wars: The Force Awakens Leia & Han Is the Most Adorable


A lot of Star Wars fans weren’t prepared for the Leia and Han we got in The Force Awakens. You know who probably loved it? This grandmother.

E Jones, the talented individual behind, posted this absolutely charming photo of his in-laws last week. They attended Emerald City Comicon as a family along with his wife and two daughters.

My incredible in-laws Dave and Carol having some fun at ECCC. Their Han and Leia has become quite the internet sensation. The funny thing is he didn’t want to be Han Solo. She insisted on being Leia, as along time Star Wars fan. She told him the only way she’d go in costume would be as Lea to his Han. I guess we know how that turned out.
On a side note she’s been the amazing seamstress behind Coregeek from the beginning. She hand made her complete Leia costume.
Photos by @photogeekgirl #eccc2016 #hanandleiaforever #hanandleia #theforceawakens #cosplay #nevertoooldforcosplay @over30cosplay

They didn’t do the hug, but thank god they didn’t or I’d be a blubbering mess right now. But dang, they look good! And this isn’t the first time they’ve cosplayed. You can read more about them here.

Here’s another shot of them from cosplay photographer extraordinaire David Ngo.

He also took another great one of the rest of the family who all dressed as genderswapped Mad Max: Fury Road characters. Keep up the great work, all!

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  1. Spidey Super Comments says:

    Well, Jill, you don’t have an open thread, so consider this the first, post-TMS subscription debacle comment. What’s up, everyone? Anyone ready for Civil War? :D

    • Ha! I was thinking about doing an open thread kind of thing. The site being run by just me I obviously can’t cover ALL THE THINGS, but I worry about moderation. We’ll see.


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      lol I was looking for something like this. one good thing to come of the TMS dealy is I now have a new nerd site to compulsively check thru the day.^^

      wasn’t too pumped for civil war, but the last couple days I’ve started to look forward to it. tho i generally don’t read his comics (with the exception of one or two brubaker books), the cap movies are my faves in the mcu and even tho the trailers show off so many other characters, i’m hearing its still definitely his movie.

      • Spidey Super Comments says:

        the reviews are off the charts so far. Id kill to go to the NYC premiere tonight.