Harry Potter and Another Amazing Trailer

It’s less than a month before the original release date for Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince. As depressing as that is, we now have a new, madness inducing trailer we can dissect. And it’s a whopper.

That was an intense minute and a half right? And this is still only considered a “teaser trailer.” You can view it a bit larger on Trailer Addict. I can’t decide which I like more, this new one or the equally intense trailer from this summer. This one gives us a small bit of humor that was definitely lacking in the previous trailer and made me think HBP would be the scariest horror movie ever made.

Now, before you ask, yes that is the Burrow burning and no, that wasn’t in the book. The recent Harry Potter cover story in Entertainment Weekly explains: 

This is very much a love story set against the backdrop of war,” says producer David Heyman. In a new scene, approved by Rowling and designed to dramatize Harry’s embattled world, an idyllic interlude at the Weasley home is violently interrupted by an attack from the Death Eaters.

I’m rarely happy with the changes they make in the films but at least this one was specifically approved by J.K. Rowling. I am, however, very happy with how the effects are looking this time around. The quick shot we get of Dumbledore and Harry Apparating looks just like I’d imagined it. And woohoo! Quidditch is back! But I knew that already. I’m sure that’s just one of many snogs we’ll endure between Ron and Lavender too. 

Hey, maybe they’ll surprise us and release it in November like they previously planned! I know, I know, wishful thinking…