Hey, That’s My Cape! – Appreciate Creators NOW

The news of Dwayne McDuffie’s death hit me pretty hard. I wasn’t friends with the writer, but we had corresponded a few times online and I had sat down with him just last week at the world premiere of All-Star Superman to talk about his work on the animated film. I had been a big fan of his starting with the Justice League television show and growing from there so I could hardly consider the interview work. McDuffie was one of the nicest creators I ever had the pleasure of interviewing. Like most of you out there, to say his passing was a shock is an understatement.

For my column this week I decided pretty quickly I wanted to highlight some of my favorite creators and show them I appreciate what they do on a daily basis. I started making a list and easily had 30 names on it before I stopped myself. I realized I could never cover them all appropriately in just one column. The last few years I’ve started some great friendships with comic creators; I’ve also come to admire so many more for their never-ending talent. So instead of attempting to do them all justice in one short space, I decided to pick a few of them at random and go from there.

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