Hey, That’s My Cape! – Gail Simone’s Talking, But Not About Wonder Woman

It was a pretty normal Tuesday afternoon. I was goofing around on Twitter while I should have been writing (sucks having all of your bosses on Twitter by the way) when all of a sudden the news hit. Wonder Woman, the Amazon Princess, was being reinvented from top to bottom.

And then the internet exploded. But don’t worry, there haven’t been any casualties. Not yet anyway, though my first thought after seeing and hearing about the drastic change was, “I wonder what the hell (outgoing Wonder Woman writer) Gail Simone thinks about this?”

Everything BUT Wonder Woman it seems. Check out what she IS talking about in this week’s Hey, That’s My Cape! at Newsarama.

3 Responses to “Hey, That’s My Cape! – Gail Simone’s Talking, But Not About Wonder Woman”

  1. The only thing I like is that the bodice has straps. Everything else is terrible. I get how they designed it that way for the story though so I'll wait to read it and hopefully they'll go back after they've done what they set out to do..

  2. Amanda says:

    I'll admit, I'm curious, how do you feel about the Wonder Woman changes? It's still too early to make any sort of final verdict on the matter, but I'd love to hear your first impressions.

  3. I think its wise for Gail not comment at this moment. Let the fan frenzy boil off a bit would be my idea. I myself like the new look, at least she no longer has to worry about falling out of her top.

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