Hey, That’s My Cape! – Give the Gift of Comics

We all have a good idea what we’d like for the holidays this year. You may even have your list formally written up (if you’re like me and still want to pretend you’re ten years old). It’s a safe bet you have one or more comic books or graphic novels on that list, am I right? But what are you buying for others this season?

It’s easy to shop for your fellow comic reading pals but maybe you’re a little stumped on what to get everyone else. Well, seeing as how you’re in a comic shop every week anyway, why not try and get your shopping done at the same time? Now, I’m not suggesting you grab the first thing off the shelves, stick a bow on it and consider yourself done. I’m sure mom wouldn’t appreciate a copy of Blackest Night when she’s never even heard of Green Lantern before. What you need to look for are comics for people who don’t read comics. And there’s an abundance once you start looking. Naturally I suggest you steer clear of the superhero genre for beginners but here are a few ideas to share your favorite pastime with friends and loved ones without them shoving your gift into their closet until they re-gift it to you next year.

Check out some of the best comics to get your non-comic reading friends and family hooked on comics this holiday season in this week’s Hey, That’s My Cape! at Newsarama!

5 Responses to “Hey, That’s My Cape! – Give the Gift of Comics”

  1. CDerosby says:

    …is that Chuck Norris in the center panel?

  2. Joe says:

    I bought the Bone: One Volume Edition for my girlfriend this Christmas. It, along with Scott Pilgrim, has been my go-to book for people who aren't comic readers for a while now. No one I've given it to have ever not enjoyed it.

  3. Anonymous says:

    I like what I ask for and get, not a specific comic, per se, but a comic gift card, from one of my fave lcs'! :D

    So, I can get WHATEVER I want!

  4. Mike says:

    I like the suggestions, but I already like comics! I tried sticking "floppies" in my family's stockings last Christmas, giving each person comics based on other things I knew they liked (Simpsons comics, Star Trek comics, Muppet Show comics). Didn't take, unfortunately, but I at least made what I thought was a valiant effort! Better luck to the rest of you comic book Santas out there!

  5. BDS says:

    For someone who likes romance and the relationship type story, Fade From Grace is the book you need. Might be hard to find, but the Trade should be out there if you look hard enough. It is a hero's tale, but the ending will bring tears to your eyes. It really shows what it means to be a hero and explains why we love these stories so much to those that look at us and shake their heads. I think I have my Flashback Friday column. Now where is my Trade of this title?