Hey, That’s My Cape! – WALKING DEAD and Adaptation Anxiety

Robert Kirkman’s The Walking Dead is one of a select group of non-superhero comics I read. I started when someone lent me the first two hardcovers in the series and while it was torture waiting for the next one of those to come out, I knew because of the subject matter, I couldn’t read the series issue by issue. I’m currently up to book five, and for the most part I’m enjoying the adaptation on AMC.

Having read the source material of something that is set to be or currently being adapted is a tough spot to be in as a fan. Part of you wants to see and hear exactly what you read on the page but another part of you may realize that might be a bit too literal. After all, everyone has their own interpretation of source material and when bringing together so many creative minds, new ideas are likely to spring to mind.

Read this week’s Hey, That’s My Cape! at Newsarama for my thoughts and frustrations on adapting beloved fiction.

One Response to “Hey, That’s My Cape! – WALKING DEAD and Adaptation Anxiety”

  1. dash bannon says:

    I'm really enjoying the tv series. My local library has all the latest volumes of The Walking Dead comics and I'm all caught up.

    It's an awesome comic series. It's this series that got back into reading comics and working on creating my own stuff. (I'm focused more on science fiction rather than horror.)

    TV is a different medium than comics. There are somethings much more enjoyable about the tv series, but there are something things more enjoyable about the comics.

    Comics are cheaper and quicker to produce, but tv can get you a level or action and movement that comics can't.

    Overall, I like 'em both. They're character driven stories and that's what makes them compelling.