Icon Drawing Icons: Jim Lee Looks Back At His Twenty Year Career

When one thinks “veteran,” most people imagine a worldy, seasoned individual near the end of their accomplishments. That’s the last thing that will come to mind when looking at energetic, megastar comic book artist Jim Lee, but he is already a 20-year veteran of the comics industry, with a list of achievements as both artist and publisher that few could match. To cover this story, Titan Books was inspired to publish ICONS: The DC and WildStorm Art of Jim Lee, a stunning retrospective of his prolific artistic career.

I recently got the opportunity to speak to Lee about the book, his artistic history and passion for the art that’s made him so famous. Read all about it in my first article for Publishers Weekly’s Comics Week!

2 Responses to “Icon Drawing Icons: Jim Lee Looks Back At His Twenty Year Career”

  1. hk2575 says:

    It seems only like yesterday he was one of the maverick artists at Image. Good to see he's still in demand, unlike Rob Liefeld.

  2. Charles says:

    Wow, Jim Lee is already a 20-year veteran? He's always produced great work. Hopefully, he keeps going for another 20!