IDW’s LOCKE & KEY Comes To Life With Skelton Props

Unlocking doors or unlocking skulls, either is possible within the universe of the IDW comic Locke & Key by Joe Hill and Gabriel Rodriguez. The horror tale revolves around Tyler, Kinsey and Bode Locke who return to their family home, Keyhouse, when their father is brutally murdered. It’s not long before they discover the name of the house is no coincidence. The building holds keys that can do impossible things like turn you into an animal or a giant and there is an evil force who wants them all. Last year at San Diego Comic-Con, Locke & Key fans were able to put there hands on one of the fictional keys for the first time thanks to Israel Skelton.

Skelton runs Skelton Crew Studio, a design house that creates replicas of famous comic book items as well as produce commission and prototype work of jewelry, wedding cake toppers and more. Thor’s Mjolnir, Hellboy’s Samaritan and Doctor Strange’s Eye of Agamatto are just some of the classic comic pieces the artist has made come to life but things really opened up when Skelton acquired the license to create the magical keys from Locke & Key.

I interviewed Skelton recently for Newsarama and found out about the origins of his relationship with IDW, the Locke & Key television pilot and his famous creations based on the acclaimed series. Read all about it here!