Iron Man’s New Look

But…he’s kinda already wearing armor…

I know we all loved Robert Downey Jr. as Iron Man but I think this little fella may have him beat. Meet Hadies. He’s a dwarf caimen which is a type of crocodillian reptile native to South America. But as you can see, this one is a pet. The owner put a handy FAQ at the end of her video so we all know it’s legal for her to own him. He lives in a large tank made of part water, part land and eats a variety of meats like fish and mice. And he drinks lots and lots of scotch.
Ok, I made up that last bit.
I’m a big fan of stuff on animals, especially costumes so I just had to post this. Honestly, I’m jealous. If I try to put anything on my cat I get my eyes clawed out. This girl gets to put a superhero costume on her croc and keep all her fingers. I can’t decide which still I like the most, the traditional cat look of, “You’re going to post this on the internet, aren’t you?”
Or the shot from above where it actually looks like he’s locked and loaded.
As awesome as it is, I would suggest not trying any of this at home…

6 Responses to “Iron Man’s New Look”

  1. David H. says:

    That was a really cool video! I wish I had a knack for coming up with stuff like that. Also, I love the name of your blog it cracks me up. Nothing sexier then a fun gal who likes sci-fi and comics, your boyfriend is a lucky man :)

  2. Okie says:

    lol…wow, that's awesome.

  3. Budd says:

    give it a month and there will be a comic based on this photo.

  4. Eleni says:

    So adorable! I didn't know that people kept small crocodillians as pets, but now I understand–he's cute! Amazing how still the animal is when she puts on the armor. Doesn't seem to bother him at all.

  5. Armour, on a crocodile? Isn't that the animal equivalent of wearing a belt *and* suspenders?

  6. Amber Love says:

    Ok, that puts Caico's superhero cape collection to shame! Hopefully the owner never ends up on Animal Planet's show "Fatal Attractions."