Jill talks with Jin

I mentioned last month that I interviewed a few people for Comic Book Resources‘ CBR TV. Well, my interview with Daniel Dae Kim from Lost is now up!

You can view the video here, where you’ll also be able to leave a comment about it in the forum if you want (wink, wink, nudge, nudge). Or you can watch it on the CBR TV page here. There are spoilers up through the current season so beware. But don’t worry, if you aren’t caught up with the show you are safe to watch up to 1:35 without any Lost talk.

Daniel Dae Kim was friendly and gracious, not to mention nice to look at. Overall he was a really great guy to interview. And yes, he did get a chance to walk around the con floor after all. I warned him he might want to wear a mask if he was going to attempt to do so and it turns out that’s exactly what he did.

5 Responses to “Jill talks with Jin”

  1. Thanks for stopping by Brad, I appreciate it.

    Thanks Eric! There’s one more on the way from NYCC and hopefully there will be more in the future. :)

    Thanks Pat, I was really had to work hard to keep the fan in me under wraps…mostly.

    Thanks Randy, that was taken by one of my brothers who is a photographer. I hope to do a photoshoot with him sometime in the future to get some stuff for a portfolio.

  2. Randy says:

    That’s a very nice picture of you, Jill.

  3. Pat says:

    Great prep for that interview; you knew what was coming up, you seemed comfortable, and yet just fannish enough that we got the sense that this was not just another interview for you. Solid work!

    Pat from Silver Age Comics

  4. Eric N B says:


    You kick so much ass!! Evil-doers and lame interviewers beware, because you did a GREAT job.

    Wow, you’re such a natural doing that interview, you knew quite a bit of 4-1-1, you looked comfortable doing it, and it all flowed really nicely with great questions, good interaction.

    I hope you are afforded another opportunity to do a CBR TV interview or other type of CBR TV spot.

    I’ve never watched LOST–(I know, I’m probably the only one)–but everything you asked was interesting.

    Good job, kiddo, good job!

  5. Brad says:

    Great interview. Just recently discovered your blog (via comicbookresources.com). Look forward to more of your work.