Nerdy Bird goes Footloose, News at 11.

I had a considerably non-nerdy weekend attending my friends wedding. Though the groom once gave me a Samwise Gamgee action figure…

Actual Nerdy News later today. :)

6 Responses to “Nerdy Bird goes Footloose, News at 11.”

  1. Nerdy Bird says:

    Haha, thanks! I actually had sandals on earlier then changed into dress shoes for the ceremony but it wasn’t long before they came off again.

  2. Nice to see your feet!

    When I wheel around, I am just in my socks. My niece always says “Uncle Walt, where are you shoes?” But I tell her, who needs shoes when you aren’t touching the ground!! She laughs!

    Our devices are far superior!!

  3. Nerdy Bird says:

    “Functional Nerdocracy” I like that Geo!

    Aww, what a nice present Randy.

    The fans demand, I must oblige. Sooner or later.

  4. Kev Kage says:

    “More pics!!” said the slew of loyal readers.

  5. Earth-2 Randy says:

    In my geek meets real world scenario this weekend…my wife and son gave me two shirts for Father’s Day yesterday.

    The first was a red Cubs shirt that said Dad 01 on the back. The other was a black Marvel comics Civil War shirt. She told me that she knew I liked DC better than Marvel but I had all the DC related shirts that Kohl’s had already.

  6. Geo's Blog says:

    All nerds must infiltrate the “norm” aggregate in order to understand their motivation in society. How else will we be able to bend the world view into a functional nerdocracy, in which intellectual property determines value, and form belies function.

    Viva la revolution – stan the man lee