A New Harry Potter Instagram Asks Fans to “Follow the Spiders.” Um, No Thanks

I don’t like spiders. Ron Weasley doesn’t like spiders. So why is J.K. Rowling making Harry Potter fans follow the spiders for a big announcement?

I mean honestly, as if the Sorting Hat spider wasn’t enough, now we have even more spider-related Potter news. A new Instagram popped up a little while ago which the Pottermore Twitter account directed fans to last week. All of the photos published so far reveal a larger, more frightening image to arachnophobes.

The photo descriptions don’t really give anything away, and readers/watchers of Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets will find them familiar, but here they are:

“If, uh, if anybody was looking for some stuff…” #HPCelebration #FollowTheSpiders

“All they’d have to do would be to #FollowTheSpiders….” #HPCelebration

“… Yup. That would lead ’em right. That’s all I have to say.” #FollowTheSpiders #HPCelebration

Wands at the ready…. #FollowTheSpiders #HPCelebration

…. Witches and Wizards…
#FollowTheSpiders #HPCelebration

“Know any spells?” #FollowTheSpiders #HPCelebration

It’s time to #FollowTheSpiders….

… To an exclusive announcement… #FollowTheSpiders #HPCelebration

At A Celebration of Harry Potter on 27th January 2017…. #FollowTheSpiders #HPCelebration

A Celebration of Harry Potter, a fan convention, is taking place at Universal Orlando Resort in Florida from the 27th-29th. Could the “spiders” teases mean a new ride at the parks? Or perhaps a new addition to the Warner Bros. Studio Tour? Just because they want us to “follow the spiders” doesn’t mean spiders themselves are the end game. It could be Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them related.

Speaking of which, there’s going to be an updated edition of Rowling’s Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them “textbook.” Pottermore says “Six new magical creatures will feature in this up to date edition, out on 14 March, as well as a brand new foreword from Magizoologist Newt Scamander and some beautiful line illustrations by artist Tomislav Tomic.”

And since we’re on topic, Rowling took to Twitter recently to refute a new rumor that had been floating around about Harry Potter and the Cursed Child.