Orphan Black Open Thread: “Guillotines Decide”

Need a spot to talk freely about the latest episode of BBC America’s Orphan Black, “Guillotines Decide?”

I watched it via a screener earlier this week and I’m still crushed.

I knew…I just knew. Doesn’t make it any easier. Spoilers away in the comments, chickens…

2 Responses to “Orphan Black Open Thread: “Guillotines Decide””

  1. I kinda was expecting her to die since last season. And, yet, I’m super sad to see her gone =(

    However, I’m pleased with how they did it.I think it was done on a beautiful and honorable way, because, while of course Sarah and Felix will be deeply affected by it, S wasn’t killed to affect them (which is how female characters usually die in a lot of narratives, specially on male-centric ones). Mrs. S’s quest in this episode was very faithful to what she has done in the entire series: protect the family. And, she wasn’t a part of someone’s narrative, she was the narrative.

    Sadness apart, I thought this was a very beautiful and well done episode. I never thought a redemption arc would work for Rachel, and I’m positively surprised with how this is going (I still think she is going to die too).

    Lastly: good riddance, Ferdinand! Slowly dying in front of S, and meeting your painful end before her death. You deserved it ¬¬

    (just a curiosity: anyone thinks Cosima is “glitching”? The AV Club reviewer confirmed my suspicion that she misquoted Jane Austen’s line. The thought of a glitch crossed my mind, however, a) Cosima has gone through way too much already and b) we only have two episodes left!; so now I think this was just a minor mistake in the script)

    • I knew someone major was going to die, wasn’t convinced it was her until the start of this episode though. I kind of hate that Ferd took out two of their family in such a short time but at least S took him with her. But the whole party, and Felix’s speech with his family was just perfect.

      And yeah, I’m very interested in what will happen with Rachel but they better not to anything else to Cosima with such a short time left. I can’t believe it’s almost over. I’m very much not ready.