Riz Ahmed Adorably Discusses His History with Star Wars and Working on Rogue One

[Editor’s Note: affiliate link] Rogue One: A Star Wars Story is now out on blu-ray and Lucasfilm has been releasing some cool behind-the-scenes clips. Check out Riz Ahmed and more!

Need more Ahmed? (WHO DOESN’T!) Here’s another feature on him.

In this next video, the Rogue One cast and crew talk about how Darth Vader made them feel.

And in this one, Lucasfilm’s Doug Chiang tells us all about the design history of the U-wing and more.

The latest episode of the Star Wars Show has a bit of Rogue One fun as well.

Hasbro gifted me a digital copy of the film with their latest toy delivery but I haven’t watched it yet because it makes me too sad. :(