Share All Your Spoiler Thoughts on Justice League in This Open Thread

No, I haven’t seen Justice League yet and I’m not sure when I will. In the meantime, feel free to go to town in this special open thread.

I’m aiming to go in fresh if possible so spoilers will commence after these GIFs.

Yes, I know I’m using all animated Warner Bros. images for a live-action project. Thank you and good night.

19 Responses to “Share All Your Spoiler Thoughts on Justice League in This Open Thread”

  1. shaunn says:

    I thought this film was alright, but it had one element that so totally destroyed it for me that I will not see it again, and I won’t recommend it to anyone. Some background: my favorite DC hero is Wonder Woman. I like the fact that she is compassionate and empathetic but, at the same time, is a warrior who is willing to kill, if necessary. These are qualities that distinguish her from the other two members of the DC “Trinity”, at least in the comics. In the comics, for decades, it has been established that WW is in the same class of strength as Superman and Shazam. Physically, she can hold her own against the strongest heroes; she is just as fast as Superman and a much, much better fighter. And, of course, she is able to fly. Indeed, while the actual power to fly only became part of the character with the 1985 reboot (which was still 32 years ago), WW has been able to ride wind currents from the beginning. When the DCEU introduced a WW who could not fly, I was ticked off. But, when she appeared in BvS, it did seem that she was every bit as strong as her comicbook counterpart- after all, she held her own, by herself, against Doomsday. She even restrained him with her lasso. So, I figured I could live with that one, strange element of depowering, so long as the DCEU did not reduce her powers further. The WW movie was great and it showed a Diana who seemed to be getting stronger and stronger as the film went on and as she learned more about her powers. The fact that Ares could fly and that she had, presumably, the same powerset even implied that she would, eventually get back to comic book levels of ability. Then, we get the JL movie. WW is beaten up by Superman. She is beaten up easily and we are given the unequivocal information that she is nowhere near his level of strength or speed. He pulls her in with her lasso with one hand; he conducts a fight with the Flash that is so fast that WW is barely able to move while it goes on. He easily headbutts her into the ground. It is not just that none of this would be possible in the DC comics, where WW/Superman battles are fairly common and where the two characters have been portrayed as relatively even. (Indeed, WW has often fought other Kryptonians, such as Supergirl, Zod and Ursa, and easily matched or bested them). It is that, of all the DC superheroes appearing on screen, only WW has been so dramatically reduced in power from what she is in the comics. There may be a reason for this other than blatant sexism, but it is hard to tell what it could be. Maybe in JL, the need to build up Superman meant that the writers/directors felt WW had to be greatly reduced. After all, if the JL already has a Superman-level powerhouse working for it, why do they need another? But that kind of thinking is foolish, given how many powerhouses have been in the JL in the comics and yet, somehow, it has managed to work. The bottomline is that WW was misrepresented and treated without the respect the character deserves. The fact that DC did this to its only female superhero, an iconic figure, and the star of its only critically acclaimed movie shows both incredible stupidity and a profound lack of respect for the character and her fans (I won’t even get into the question of how Gal Gadot was filmed). Incredibly disappointing, especially coming from a supposed “feminist” director like Joss Whedon.

    • That Which Dreams says:

      I will state that there is a reason, other than sexism. Steppenwolf comes to the planet because it is now relatively unguarded. “No Lanterns. No Kryptonian.” If WW was the same power level as Superman, then that would have negated the entire movie.

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  3. It’s Wednesday of Thanksgiving week and I just saw Justice League so I’m not going to do a review but here are my thoughts.

    As I mentioned on twitter I’m shocked…SHOCKED… that I liked it. Of course my expectations were so low they were buried under Clark. But still.

    Things I liked:

    That there was a LOT contained in the film and it didn’t feel at all rushed or bloated to me. Unlike Batman v Superman which felt like 3 different films, this one felt cohesive which is odd considering how much went on behind the scenes.

    All the characters got decent stories of their own.

    Joe Manganiello with grey hair/beard.

    Superman in a brighter suit and SMILING.

    Joe Manganiello with grey hair/beard.

    The Amazons in action.

    Wonder Woman fighting Superman.

    Joe Manganiello with grey hair/beard.

    The little girl who was going to take down parademons with bug spray.

    Things I didn’t like:

    Lois calling Superman Clark in front of police officers and who knows who else in that very public space.

    Lex Luthor

    The complete and utter waste of Ciarán Hinds.

    A few too many “lady” jokes involving Wonder Woman.

  4. Craig Welsh says:

    It’s a historically mid-tier superhero movie at best and in a year of really good superhero movies it’s towards the bottom of the pile. There were certainly good bits and if nothing else it managed an awkward transition away from Snyder’s dark/edgy/cool version of the DC’s cinematic universe which never really worked properly.

    But wow, was Stephenwolf ever a completely useless villain. I’m a relatively well read DC reader and I never heard of him before this movie.

    But if nothing else it makes me appreciate what a piece of magic Avengers was. Compare the awkward introduction and bringing together of the heroes in Justice League compared to the seemless, almost graceful, unification of the team in Avengers.

    I’m actually more interested in Justice League 2 (and there will be. International box office will save it even if domestic falters) and we get an Injustice League, or some variation of it.

  5. Steven Moye says:

    There were things I liked about the film, most notably flash and cyborg, but I am – as someone who thoroughly enjoys BvS on repeated viewings, as well as the other DC films (even suicide squad, but, that one also had big issues) – still kinda stunned by how much I didn’t like JL. Or didn’t love. I mean, I probably over-hyped myself, but.. my expectations weren’t *that* high.

    It’s almost baffling how bad the villain is. Like, I guess I should’ve been more worried than excited that we saw so little of them in trailers, but I was hoping they were saving a pleasant surprise. But really, I’d like to know at what point it looked or read like a good idea during pre-production. Or if they were somehow just really mangled in the process of re-shooting and editing? (that’s what happened with F4’s Doom right?). But the look of him.. (and the performance/dialog, but mostly the look) just so unconvincing this day and age. Did they just run out of time?

    • Kind of tangential to that, I kind of knew that the Hulk was going to be the gamebreaker in The Avengers, but I didn’t really get how massively outgunned Steppenwolf was until Superman finally showed up. At that point, everyone else is basically on clean-up duty.

      • Steven Moye says:

        Yeah.. Superman felt particularly aggressive. Felt out of character to me. Like, if he was back from the Lazarus pit, I would get that (and I guess that’s how the storytellers meant for it to feel?) but there didn’t seem to be much explanation for said agression

    • The_Elder_Geek says:

      > but he still mostly just came across like a jerk to me

      I’m used to the JL Animated version so this wouldn’t surprise me. Being the King Of Atlantis seems to be a recipe for being a pompous jerk in both DC and Marvel universes.

    • Yes, I definitely thought another Apokolips villain was going to show up in the end.

  6. I’ll start, I guess. Justice League 2 might have the Legion of Doom!

    • Steven Moye says:

      Who would you like to see in it?

      • They have made some bizarre choices in this universe, so now it’s sort of hard to picture the traditional cadre of villains working together. But if they make it flamboyant enough, almost Schumacher-esque, I could see the Jared Leto/Tony Montana Joker sitting there, Deathstroke, Luthor…we need Cheetah. Maybe Peter Dinklage as Doctor Psycho? After that…Black Manta, Mark Hamill’s Trickster, and maybe Harley invites some old friends and we round out the team with a new take on Poison Ivy and Catwoman?

        • Steven Moye says:

          Hm, would be a good place for Black Adam as well. Dinklage as Doctor Psycho .. the only hesitation I have there is that there’s a creep factor to Psycho that I don’t know if I want to see from Dinklage. But I’m sure he could pull it off.

          Cheetah would be nice, can’t help worrying about how well she’ll be done though. Same with Poison Ivy. Still, guess I’d rather they try.

          I’d definitely prefer they didn’t go too flamboyant though. Specially with Ivy, we’ve seen that treatment before.

        • Nuuni Nuunani says:

          Traditional cadre? Putting aside the Superfriends roster there has been dozens of variations on the roster.

          Heck, THIS was the most recent roster in the comics

          If I had to guess we will probably get Oceanmaster on the roster. Luthor and Deathstroke are obvious. Beyond that it largley depends if their wanting a physical or mental menace. Because they could pull out the likes of Brainiac and Al’Guul or they could get the time controlling Professor Zoom and Giganta.

          The Gotham city Sirens I can easily see being uninvolved in this.

      • Always go with Grodd!