Sometimes I think you like me better as a wolf.

Werewolves don’t need to be THAT big. Right?

Director of New Moon Chris Weitz and Summit Entertainment announced yesterday that Taylor Lautner will be returning as Jacob Black in the sequel to Twilight. He had a minor role in the first film but studio executives got nervous about his ability to pull off the extended and much “larger” role in New Moon. The character Jacob Black goes through an unusual growth spurt in the book unlike any other teenage boy when he realizes he’s part of a line of werewolves. This naturally let to many discussions on how this would be applied in the film. There were reports Lautner was doing his best to bulk up to keep the role.

Even though the deal is sealed we may not see as much of Jacob as we think. The Hollywood Reporter writes, “Still, it’s unclear how big Lautner’s role will be in the new movie, which is being fast-tracked to come out in November. While the role of Edward is considerably smaller in the ‘New Moon’ novel, the script is expected to boost his role to allow for more screentime for Pattinson, who is seen as key to the success of ‘Twilight.'”
Good news is, at least Chris Weitz is completely behind the choice. “It was my first instinct that Taylor was, is, and should be Jacob, and that the books would be best served by the actor who is emotionally right for the part,” he said in a message to It always seemed silly to be that they would change the actor. His physical size is not exactly pertinent to the plot. As long as the actual wolves are larger than life I’ll be perfectly happy.

5 Responses to “Sometimes I think you like me better as a wolf.”

  1. Well Eric, I’m glad at least ONE male commented! Even if he’s never read the books. (it’s ok, I forgive you) And I LOVE men! Especially men who look like vampires or werewolves. That’s so going to come back and bite me in the ass one day…

    Oh my god Nicole I just had my friend read the books and we had a whole discussion about how you definitely have to read that one again because you’re speeding through waiting for Edward to come back. But I was thinking about it and movie-wise it probably wouldn’t be that bad if they kept it how it is. Two hours is really short and everything needs to be condensed anyway.

    Mandy, hmm I wonder. You think maybe they’ll do things like they do with Hagrid in the HP and the Hobbits in LOTR? Have him stand closer to the camera and all that.

    That being said, I really, REALLY just want to see one shot of Edward crunched in an attic. I think it would be fairly amusing. And dear god they better make the Volturi look bad-ASS! Did you see Mission Impossible 3? The scene where the girl steals the car is just how I imagine Alice.

  2. Good! I’m glad they’re keeping on the same actor…I hate when characters change. The initial experience is lost…and although I do love Edward, I hope they don’t mess up the script too much because new moon is one of my favorites! And it will make a damn good movie if done right. But yes, I’m glad Taylor is in it, I thought he did a good job for those 5 minutes and was very striking.

  3. I’m quite glad that they’re letting Taylor keep the role, as I really liked him in the first movie. That said, I do worry that they’ll have to do some fancy camera work to get him to look taller and larger than all of the vampires, not to mention most of the other people in the area.

    I love me some Edward, but I am also wary that too much “Edward in the attic with the bats, moping” isn’t going to be the greatest movie ever …

    I can’t wait for the Volturi, however. YAY for Alice and grand theft auto!

  4. I’m so glad that they are keeping him too! And even though I want them to stay true to the story, I’m glad they are up-ing the Edward in this movie. That was an excrutiating 500 pages without him!

  5. Eric N B says:

    Granted, I’m a male and don’t care about this at all, and that IS NOT a slam against you by any means.

    At least it’s Fantasy/Light Horror Vampire/Werewolf stuff that women can enjoy.

    So, I support it, even though I’ve not seen Twilight or plan on it.


    For the reasons previously mentioned, and, blast it, at least it lets me know that at least some women are still attracted to and interested in men.