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Normally I pick random images from my archives for the Speak, Nerd, and Enter! headers but this week I had to post this one in honor of the late Kenny Baker, our R2-D2. Feel free to share anything as usual but I’d love it if folks posted their favorite Artoo memories.

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  1. Wrote about the Leslie Jones hack for HitFix today:


    • Ugh, that whole thing is…I’m on record: I didn’t enjoy the movie. My enjoyment or lackthereof…anyone’s enjoyment…no one deserves this kind of harassment. Before, she was heartbroken, now she probably fears for her own safety. It’s…bonkers and bullshit. And it makes me hate more than I like to.

      …and not that it matters at all, but she was the best part of the movie. She brought practicality and realism and timing and despite the trailer locking on one pretty over the top moment, she played it pretty low key. There wasn’t enough of her in the movie.

  2. Alan Izar says:

    Proxima b may hold water, and is in the habitable zone of Proxima Centauri’s orbit.

    We may have found an exoplanet where life is possible, peeps!


  3. That Which Dreams says:

    Here’s Magenta for The Rocky Horror Picture Show The Flash.

  4. Nuuni Nuunani says:

    I just love that between Pied Piper, Obsidian, a gay Ray, and the announced mystery character, were getting so much LGBT representation in the Arrowverse this season. ^^

  5. SpottedSeaJelly says:

    Sorry I’ve forgotten to visit here in a while. Not sure how that managed to happen.

  6. the silver ravens says:

    The Tick pilot was released today on Amazon and it was different from what i expected but i liked it and i am looking forward to more.

  7. Nuuni Nuunani says:

    DCs rebirth books have been doing really well so far. Their sales are topping Marvels and theres alot of quality books so far.
    Superwoman was AMAZING.I like it so much. ^^

    Supergirl im kinda iffy on since its trying to make her more like her TV counterpart which is VERY different from previous depictions thus far. Willing ti give it a shot though.

    Batgirl is amazing and its neat to see Batgirl just backpacking across the world to meet other superheroes in the name of super touristing.

    Detective Comics got me to love Batwoman~

    New-Super-Man is silly fun and kinda like if you crossed Conner Kent with Guy Gardner. XD
    It reads like Justice League International.

    And Doctor Fate continues to be fun. ^^

    • I’m reading Batman, All-Star Batman, and the origin issues of Wonder Woman, and I wholeheartedly agree. I WAS reading Superman and Action Comics, but it came down to money, and…but they’re doing great work.

  8. lev36 says:

    I just found out Dirk Gently’s Holistic Detective Agency is premiering as a BBC show! Woo hoo!

    • Howard_Bannister says:

      Oh, yeah, I forgot they were doing that… that book stretched my mind in so many ways. I should reread it now that I’m old enough to maybe actually get it…

  9. Zatar says:

    So The Mary Sue recently posted this article: http://www.themarysue.com/bojack-horseman-election/ And I’m really mad that anyone thought it was a good article to publish. Honestly the huge amount of the community calling it out is one of the only things I like about it.

    The first article I commented on was an article that called out The Sad Puppies on there bigotry. One of the things I loved was that it did NOT try to stake out some ridicules middle ground it called bigotry bigotry. Trump supporters while by no means mutually exclusive are overall worst than the Puppies ever were and the fact that the same site has an article that seriously contains the sentence “Trump supporters are automatically deemed racist” makes me very sad and angry.

    • …so, are Trump supporters NOT automatically deemed racist? And stupid. Just asking. So that I understand.

      • Howard_Bannister says:

        No, it’s the part where we’re not supposed to judge them for major life choices that effect everybody else in the country that we’re having trouble with.

        • Zatar says:

          Yeah the article acts like this is an unfair judgment, which is my main problem.

        • Ah…I can’t read for long on their website. My whole computer acts like it’s running on mud. So, I skimmed around…that context, I didn’t get from the original post here. Sorry.

          • Howard_Bannister says:

            I initially didn’t read the article because I haven’t watched Bojack Horseman at all yet, and was kind of planning to try it out, and wanted to be unspoiled. Only when I heard a storm a-brewing did I go back and try to read it.

            Despite the muddiness.

            (that part’s not just you)

    • the silver ravens says:

      That was an odd read…not sure what Bojack had do with it… just made what might be my last comment on TMS…sad now

    • Wow, that is quite an odd thing to read there for sure.

  10. Alan Izar says:

    I don’t know if it was mentioned at the last Speak,Nerd but the Hidden Figures trailer is out, and that movie looks AWESOME.

    (And the reddit manboys are already weeping about how politically correct and useless the movie is. I am so gonna enjoy go seeing it in a theater).

  11. That Which Dreams says:

    *Spoilers for the Scream season finale

  12. About seven years ago, I was at Wizard World Philadelphia. There was a concourse at the venue, almost like a connecting bridge between airport terminals. Anyway, there was an R2, totally stationary. My wife (gf at the time) plop down nearby to eat our terrible con chicken strips and some children go by…and the R2 drops his third leg/wheel and starts rolling after them. One of the other people sitting against the walls was the operator and he chased the kids around, making R2 beep and blurp and then stopped it, let them approach, then mimicked their movements a bit…and I just thought, dang. I wish I were a kid. Because I’d have thought oh my god, R2-freaking-D2 is alive and talking to me.

    So, that’s my fave R2 moment. Not really Baker-related, but there wouldn’t have been one without t’other.

    Now, cons are less fun…I brought some webcomic business cards to Boston Comic Con and I’ll do the same at Rhode Island Comic Con. I discovered my pitch completely evaporates under the slightest bit of pressure and I basically just say, “Me write comic.” And it’s terrible. And I’m terrible. And it felt like I wasted a ton of money on a lot of pretty cards that won’t get me a single new subscriber. And everything is hopeless and awful.

    I’m sort of kidding, but it is really…the toughest thing in the world is doing a thing and then hearing crickets in response. (And I’m not asking for sympathy reviews, I promise…there’s no one less trustworthy to an anxious writer than a friendly point of view.)

    So…anyway…oh! Yes. Topical: Kevin Smith smokes too much pot.