Speak, Nerd, and Enter!


Hope you all had whatever kind of New Year’s Eve you wanted and at least got a little down time. I had a lot of guests at my house, started Crazyhead (pretty good so far), The Expanse (kinda meh on it), rewatched Season 1 of The Magicians (better the second time around) and was lucky enough to have screeners for the first few episodes of Season 2 (omg). I also watched the thriller-horror film Green Room which stars the late Anton Yelchin, Alia Shawkat, Imogen Poots, and Sir Patrick Stewart (as a neo-Nazi!). It was seriously tense and intense and definitely not for the faint of heart.

What media have you been partaking in?

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  1. That Which Dreams says:

    Just for you @JillPantozzi:disqus, Dwayne “The Spock” Johnson. Now you can both have your Rock and your Sci-Fi.

  2. That Which Dreams says:

    For three seasons women have been trying to land Cassandra Cillian on The Librarians. Last night, one of them succeeded.


      • WheelchairNinja says:

        16,000 viewers. 16,000 horrible scumbags who watched and didn’t bother calling the police on a FREAKING HATE CRIME.

        • This is awful, but it’s also not unique. Psychologists have called this phenomenon diffusion of bystander responsibility. The most famous example was in relation to the murder of Kitty Genovese.

          • Not to dilute the seriousness of this crime by bringing up nerd tangents, but the Genovese case was a huge inspiration behind Moore’s Watchmen, Rorschach specifically.

            The anger of the past year, and especially after the election, scares me quite a bit. There’s a lot of ugliness out in the open these days.

  3. Hey everybody! I wanted to share my happiest news…which is that chapter 3 of the webcomic will be starting. That it’s starting AT ALL kinda makes my day. We’re working on getting a buffer together before we actually start posting. I’m just so glad we’re starting! Finally! At the moment, you can only see the cover as a Patreon supporter, but…I’ve said before and I mean it, I’m not trying to use these comments to advertise, just vent and yak like ya’all, so…here’s a low-res version. Cuz we’re buds. Keep it on the down low! https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/011c3e43bdccacf6d7ed5350d29365d3545fdb29647c64d841f84667d69c7ceb.png

    Also, finished The OA – was anyone else watching? Jill, did you finish? What did you think?

  4. That Which Dreams says:

    The LGBT community would like to thank Supergirl for Sanvers, and what it meant to them.

  5. Steven Moye says:

    Question for comic readers who currently read stuff (doesn’t have to be current issues, just actively, regularly reading something on a somewhat consistent basis): Do you feel like you DON’T have too many comics to read? If so, what’s your secret?

    As implied by the question, I have a ton of stuff I meant to catch up with – which could easily be applied to tv and other mediums as well, but I don’t want to open too big a can of worms – and honestly, it kinda lessens my enjoyment of the comics themselves, as trying to read everything I’m interested in becomes a bit of a chore. Naturally, I need to prioritize, but I wanted to open the topic up to discussion.

    • I feel the same way, sometimes overwhelmed at the “chore” of getting through a stack. It really makes the mediocre books stand out like a sore thumb, but also helps me thin out the pull list.

      Also, Marvel and DC make it really easy for me when they do all these awful mega-crossover event arcs. I dropped perfectly fine books that I loved when the tie-in issues started last year: A-Force, Captain Marvel, and now Extraordinary X-Men. One surefire way to get me to drop your book is to make it tie in to the super-expensive super-bloated mega event being run at this point year round without breaks by Marvel. Ugh.

      • VindicaSean says:

        I’m the same– unless I read something really promising about a monthly, anymore, I tend to stick with trades (also gives me the added benefit of usually providing a complete story or act of an arc to read). If I do read something promising about a monthly, I’ll pick up the back issues on Comixology and catch up that way. It’s become the best way to keep the hobby manageable for me.

  6. VindicaSean says:

    I spent the holidays writing up a listicle of supporting performances that need more attention (which included Sir Patrick, because holy hell), and somewhat proud of myself that the only two white men on the list were Sir Patrick and John Goodman. Other than that, my wife and I are the (very, very) lucky new owners of an NES Classic and I’ve gotten her hooked on Dr. Mario.

  7. Diving into a stack of comics that has been growing for a month or so now. Mostly DC but a couple Marvel sprinkled in, and a few other publishers too. At the top of the stack is now Paper Girls Vol 2, and just caught up on Modern Family and about to binge all the current season eps of The Librarians (love that show!).

    I’ve determined I need to read more books in recent months, too. Was thinking about trying the first one in the Expanse series before trying to watch the (meh?) show, but I’m also trying to force myself outside of my usual genres of sci-fi and non-fiction.