Speak, Nerd, and Enter!

Interesting week we’re having, no?

Not much more to add today. Here’s something in case you’re interested…

Also, this fun reveal out of NYC Toy Fair. Check out Comics Alliance’s coverage of the show here for more.

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  1. VindicaSean says:

    Today’s the 30th anniversary of Nightmare on Elm Street 3: Dream Warriors. Horror is nerdy, right? http://www.talkfilmsociety.com/articles/freddys-home-a-nightmare-on-elm-street-3-dream-warriors-at-30

  2. the silver ravens says:

    I want that new bombshells Harley…but money..

  3. the silver ravens says:

    Kara should just be with her true love Lena now k bye

  4. This week, I have no comic to promote…but I am pretty proud of my friend’s comic. The original Starfall artist wrote AND drew a 2-page fill-in and lead up to our high school spinoff story, and it’s cute and I recommend it. The site’s not monetized, so I don’t get anything for you clicking through, if you’d like to see it at starfallwebcomic.com, buuut I won’t directly link to it because Jill is kicking ass at keeping us all politically informed lately and your attention is probably better spent here, on her articles.

    >_>’ Although, Jill, if you’re feeling anything like I am, I hope you’re taking breaks.

    What else? Let’s see. Oh! Over the weekend, I bought this cheezy-looking CD by this female-fronted heavy metal band, Battle Beast, and it’s got this track called Bastard Son of Odin that I would recommend if you want to laugh at hair band music, magic, and lyrics. It’s on YouTube.


  5. VindicaSean says:

    Let us just take a short moment of silence for the what was surely a pretty bad Monday for human skidmark, that guy named Milo.


    Also, it’s pretty damn sad that that was the line he had to cross given…literally everything else he’s ever been involved in.

    • I’m pretty big on the free speech angle that’s being pushed by him, if zero of his actual content or positions, but it is amusing to see major trolls collapse under the same disingenuous hit piece tactics they’ve freely employed on their own.

      Milo’s 15 minutes of fame might be up, though his shock jock tactics will probably launch him into more endeavors than not. He was already hated by much of the Alt-Right, and I didn’t even know much of anything about him myself until the last couple weeks gave him a larger mainstream platform than if his antics had been ignored.

      • VindicaSean says:

        His free speech angle is purely about his own speech, no one else’s, and more about freedom from consequences to that speech than any right for people to be heard. He’s an unrepentant bigot, racist, sexist and apparently now, in favor of arguing for legalized pedophilia.

        I’m personally of the mind that if one finds oneself agreeing with such people on any subject, it’s worth careful self-reflection– because there’s probably a way for them to exploit such agreement.

        • He’s not in favor of legalized pedophilia, he’s been quite clear on that. Edited videos of his nasty gallows humor notwithstanding.

          That being said, I’m flatly against the rioting and assaults caused by Antifa. There was zero excuse for that sort of behavior. That’s where I’m in the agreement on. Speech is never okay to be answered with violence, and no, I’m not talking about the “yelling fire” or incitement to riot speech that’s already illegal.

          There are some great liberal values that come up in this debate. Yes, it’s vile that he espouses them as an excuse for his bile, and that bile is wrongheaded and beyond awful, but it’s not going to be defeated by throwing the first punch. Violence begets violence and I’d rather the left not become tainted by it and undermine our position by losing the moral high ground in reducing ourselves to criminals and thuggery.

          • Here’s the full video for anyone interested. https://twitter.com/ReaganBattalion/status/833485040944156673

            Also hate speech IS violence. We can’t finger wag that away, as our last election has proved.

          • I should add just for general activity here, there is no defense for that man that I will accept here so please don’t under any circumstances.

          • I promise I’m not defending Milo. He’s a vile man. But I will represent the facts of the matter.

          • His two recent statements call out his poor choice of words. He’s emphatically against it, and he’s referencing what happened to him as a victim of child abuse as a minor. I’m not condoning his nasty jokes, but he’s made two statements this week that I forced myself to listen to the entirety of to be clear on this.

            Hate speech is harmful, but it’s not violence, and decades if not centuries of legal jurisprudence protecting our first amendment rights has seen that out. There is zero justification for throwing the first punch, and I firmly hold to that. The reason this country allows the KKK to hold their petty little marches is because for those of us with foresight, we understand that eroding speech against them provides them with legal precedent to turn it on us, especially when the wrong people (read: Trump) hold the reins to power.

            These are the same values that, were they not in place, we’d have seen every suffrage and civil rights movement of the past century fail and be silenced. If we remove that most basic of underpinnings of a democratic and free society, we are putting the nails in our own coffins.

          • In his “defense” he also deadnamed a transwoman and once again slandered her. The things he says have serious consequences. Hate speech IS violence, the leaps we had in rights in this country (suffrage and civil rights) did not come through polite conversation, and if you don’t believe that please leave.

          • Your site, your rules. Unfortunate though they might be. Take care.

          • VindicaSean says:

            Agreed wholeheartedly. Mincing words on whether an ephebophile is a pedophile…squares are still rhombuses, just slightly whittled down.

          • I am listening to the audio. I don’t know why I’m doing this. If he were doused in kerosene, I doubt anything in this or in the entire world could stop me from lighting a match.

          • VindicaSean says:

            I can never advocate for the outright murder of someone. Doesn’t feel right.

            But I wouldn’t lose sleep over it. And I wouldn’t be opposed to him getting punched in the face several times by someone on the level of Floyd Mayweather’s athletic ability (minus the gross politics the guys has).

          • I’m OK with being reprehensible for the right reasons and I’m glad there are some people that wouldn’t be. (But also, this was just hypothetical kerosene. If the world has any decency left in it, he just killed his own career as whatever the Hell he was.)

          • VindicaSean says:

            I’m all for violent resistance to violent assault. Which Mr. &Otis here bases his entire existence of espousing. I wouldn’t lose sleep over it if the murder happened. World be a little brighter, at least.

  6. I love that Harley. I miss that Harley. She just hasn’t been the same since the Arkham games and the New 52, sadly. Thankfully, I have the entire Batman TAS on DVD and older collections of her original solo book.

    That’s not to say there hasn’t been some good stuff since Palmiotti and Connor have jumped on, just that it’ll never top what Dini & Co. did with the character.

    • I really liked Margot Robbie in the role, and would be excited to see her in a Gotham City Sirens-esque story, but…then they mentioned Megan Fox for the Ivy role and I threw up in my own brain.

      • She added a lot of depth to a story that probably didn’t deserve her talents, or Will Smith’s. I will say Suicide Squad was the least worst of the three DCEU films thus far, despite its many flaws and cliches. Those two, and I really loved El Diablo for like the first time ever too.

        That being said, Wonder Woman is the last film I intend to see for the DCEU run, its last chance, as it were, to even make me consider seeing what comes down the line. Flash looks awful, Aquaman looks awful, I flat out refuse to see Justice League or any other film that has Jock Snyder’s taint or name on it.

        I love the Sirens. I love the idea that we might get them vs. Batgirl (or even better, BatgirlS please! Cass and Steph are the best!), but I have little faith in their production, and I’m not even the biggest Geoff Johns fan (I’ve loved a couple of his titles, granted), nor do I think one man can course-correct and fix the damage that’s been caused.

        Megan Fox as Ivy is… I think that’s just an internet rumor. If nothing else, DCEU has great casting. Just movies that don’t deserve the casts they’ve been given.

        • It’s my favorite, as well. It’s funny, perhaps for the wrong reasons, has pretty great acting (seriously), and only drops the balls…for the entire duration of the plot.

          • I had actual fun watching it. That allows me to forgive quite a few flaws with plot and such, if the characters are rich and well-done. I’ll save you my usual rant on all the many things I hate with venomous bile about MOS and BVS, but yeah.

            And I still feel like Harley only loses quality the more we get away from her original essence. But she was still well-handled by Robbie, yeah.

          • There were two Harley choices that were interesting. One I liked and one I didn’t AND they kinda counter each other, which is just…bad writing. The first: Harley doesn’t seem crazy. She’s clearly play-acting. That…I don’t like. And it contradicts so much we know about her. The second, I did like: this is a take on the Joker/Harley relationship where he seems as obsessed with her as she is obsessed with him. In no other universe would the Joker break her out of a cell or risk his neck to save hers. That’s interesting.

          • Good idea. Worst Joker ever though, lol.