Speak, Nerd, and Enter!

Your new post to discuss anything you’d like that we’re not already covering on The Nerdy Bird! What else is happening this week…

Would like to get a few more opinions on this if you don’t mind. Been looking at doing an entertainment news show for a while and would like to light a fire under my ass.

In case you missed it…

I had a great idea recently.

Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt Season 3 has a new trailer that features this piece of magic…


A plug for my pal Sarah Kuhn’s book!

And I couldn’t be more excited to share news of my friend Maria Lewis’ werewolf book series Who’s Afraid? on its way to becoming a television show!!! *kermit flail*

16 Responses to “Speak, Nerd, and Enter!”

  1. the silver ravens says:

    *is severely disappoint that Lena’s ex is not a girl* /sigh

  2. Star Wars: Episode IX – May 24, 2019. Untitled Indiana Jones – July 10, 2020


    • WheelchairNinja says:

      Horooy, because a 78-year-old Indy is totally something audiences are clamoring for!

  3. WheelchairNinja says:

    Discovered an awesome disability-focused comic con!… right after it happened, as per frikkin’ usual. http://crippingthecon.com/

    And I posted this over on The MotherShip already, but I’m still inordinately excited so I’ll share it here—I designed a steampunk Walkman for the ’80s-themed steampunk symposium I’m headed to this weekend: https://i58.servimg.com/u/f58/19/26/10/09/img_0210.jpg

    • That Which Dreams says:

      Shouldn’t it have been a phonograph?

      • WheelchairNinja says:

        Maybe technically, but that would have been a whole lot harder to make and a whole lot less visually interesting. Besides, my costume includes a mini griffon in a bowler hat perched on my shoulder, so historical realism is kinda out the window at this point… ;)

    • Holy cow, steampunk Walkman!

  4. George Trello says:

    Oh man, you just reminded me I totally spaced and never bought Heroine Complex. And since it topped my list last year, I apparently didn’t buy any books? All last year? That makes me sad (and my still giant ‘haven’t read yet’ pile even sadder). I guess I can look forward to having two now whenever I get around to them :(

    As far as a show I’m… not sure about Friday mornings. I feel like Friday tends to be nerd news dump day so you’d inevitably wind up a week behind others on stuff (which won’t matter to those of us here but if you want to expand your audience…) so I don’t know. Monday? Wednesday (though if I’m right is only marginally better than Friday)? I don’t know, I am no help.

    • My book reading has been TERRIBLE the last few years. Work was always keeping me so busy and at the end of the day of reading things online, the last thing I wanted to do was read more text. It’s frustrating.

      Thanks for the input!

      • I remember thinking in high school that as soon I was out of that mess I’d read whatever I wanted. And then in college I promised myself that as soon as I was out, I wouldn’t stop reading to eat. Now I’m, like, man, remember all the reading I used to do in high school? Those were the days…

        • Howard_Bannister says:

          Yep. If I didn’t have a long commute and audiobooks, I’d barely read anymore. I used to check out the maximum number of books from the library every week, and finish one of them before the day was over! I used to devour them!!

          • Same! The commute has given me a chance to catch up a bit, but audiobooks aren’t cheap and I’ve mostly done away with my piratical habits.

          • Howard_Bannister says:

            Check and see what your local library is doing–for the price of a library card I have access to hundreds and thousands of audiobooks. (it’s basically a regional pooling together of libraries so I have to compete with a lot more than just my local library’s nerdy membership to get to most of them… but well worth the wait)

          • Nooot a bad idea at all. Thanks!