Star Trek’s Gates McFadden Was Choreographer on Labyrinth

The passing of David Bowie this week has made all of us think back. Allow me to do so now as we watch Gates McFadden, aka Dr. Crusher of Star Trek: The Next Generation, choreographing Labyrinth.

On the day most of us heard of his passing, McFadden tweeted, “Sorrow and great sadness.” The actor worked on set with Bowie on the 1986 film directed by Jim Henson and executive produced by George Lucas.

I saw this 2013 MentalFloss post about McFadden’s work being circulated on Facebook today. I feel like I found out about this somewhere over the years but forgot so it was a pleasant surprise to watch her work on not just choreography for the classic film but puppet movement as well. She also worked on a few other Jim Henson films.

While we’re talking Bowie and Labyrinth, here’s another old favorite of mine – the magic behind those magic crystal balls.

And because no discussion of Labyrinth is complete without it…

2 Responses to “Star Trek’s Gates McFadden Was Choreographer on Labyrinth

  1. Rebecca Jean says:

    Every now and then I see her name in the credits and go “oh yeah! Huzzah!”
    And reminder that the baby is Toby Froud, so of artists Wendy and Brian Froud. It was an awesome creative polooza.

  2. Zefram Mann says:

    I suspected she was a dancer in real-life, given a couple of episodes of TNG. Rather interesting bit of trivia.