Star Wars Celebration Reveals Rogue One Footage, Poster, & More!

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As we knew it would, Star Wars Celebration is giving fans tons of new info on Rogue One: A Star Wars Story. Check out the new poster, sizzle reel, and more!

Watch this first, the last line gave me goosebumps.

(I’ve collected some of those fantastic faces here.)

Lucasfilm and Disney are livestreaming a bunch of the events at Star Wars Celebration and fans who tuned in to the Rogue One panel got to see Gwendoline Christie being wonderful as ever and taking a big selfie with the cast, Ben Mendelsohn showing up in his Krennic costume, and Felicity Jones showing off her Jyn Erso action figure.

Oh, and here’s her “dad,” Mads Mikkelsen.

Here’s the Day 1 livestream video:

Here’s the schedule for the livestreams going on the rest of the weekend if you’re interested.


[UPDATE] Lucasfilm took down the livestream, presumably because a large spoiler was dropped, but here’s the Rogue One panel.