Lazy Linkage

It’s Friday. I had off yesterday which makes me extra lazy today. So instead of any actual content, I bring you a bunch of great links to stuff that I might have written about today if I wasn’t so...Read More »

December 13th, 2008

DoubleDCoverage 11/19-11/26

My latest DoubleDCoverage is now up at GEN! A little later than usual since new books are coming out Thursday because of the holiday. For once, I remembered. Read some more about the big R.I.P. conclusion and check out...Read More »

December 3rd, 2008


It’s been a week and I’m no closer to understanding the outcome of the highly-anticipated, widely-publicized finale to Batman R.I.P. Go ahead, call me stupid. I’ve heard and read all the theories. That’s the problem. I shouldn’t have to theorize. ...Read More »

December 2nd, 2008


Yup, still can’t look at it without wanting to cry in the corner. Just thought I’d let you know.Read More »

June 11th, 2008