Lazy Linkage

It’s Friday. I had off yesterday which makes me extra lazy today. So instead of any actual content, I bring you a bunch of great links to stuff that I might have written about today if I wasn’t so lazy.

Newsarama has posted another one of their Q&A’s with Dan Didio. I’m posting this one mainly for it’s Batman R.I.P. answers which I’m too annoyed about to even consider writing something on. Primarily due to this: “NRAMA: So – fundamentally, “Batman R.I.P” did not end in Batman #681? DD: Correct.”

Moving on.
Bryan Fuller talks with Entertainment Weekly about how to fix Heroes. Finally someone with some common sense.
Here’s a fun list! 5 Comic Superheroes Who Made a Real-World Difference. No, Streaky the Supercat was not included.
And here’s an even better list! 7 More Superpowers the World Can Do Without. Though I can’t condone the author for dissing Infectious Lass. Apparently this was an addendum to the original list, 7 Comic Book Superpowers the World Can Do Without. I must disagree here as well, turning Nazi’s into doves is a great solution.
Enjoy your weekend everyone!

5 Responses to “Lazy Linkage”

  1. The Scale says:

    I was also annoyed to read that part of the interview. I think my exact words were “Oh, f*** this.” But, well, no asterisks.

    But now I feel torn, because new solicitations reveal the return of Azrael, who is inexplicably one of my favorite characters. (I like some insanity in my superheroes.) So I may have to go ahead and read all that R.I.P. and Battle for the Cowl stuff.

  2. Randy says:

    I happen to have a soft spot for Matter-Eater Lad of the old LSH. I’m hoping Geoff Johns can make even HIM seem cool to today’s audience in his LSH of 3 Worlds series.

    Happy Birthday, Jill!

  3. Dave Mackey says:

    Infectious Lass! Now we’re talking Real American Heroes.

  4. Aww, thanks superduperman!

  5. superduperman says:

    I’m just too lazy reply to any of it, but not enough to wish the Nerdy Bird a “HAPPY BIRTHDAY!”

    Well, a bit early, but then I can’t count anyhow.^^