Take a Deep Breath


I wouldn’t normally post something random like this but I am STRESSED THE FUCK OUT and figured maybe you are too. Take a deep breath. Relax. Take another deep breath.

I think we’re all coping as best we can on election night but in case you need a break from the news, here’s a few videos that might give you a small bit of comfort. First, some calming music…

And you may remember me posting about ASMR a while ago, here’s another video that I stumbled upon recently.

And a random Bob Ross episode.

And a GIF.


Unplug if you need to. See you on the other side, everyone… <3

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  • I think when I get university work out of the way, I’m just going to spend the rest of this week watching some Bob Ross and just digitally painting stuff. This situation is terrifying, even from all the way over here across the pond.

  • Mark Wyman
  • robertskitch

    My go to cute is this facebook page that shows pictures of numbats: https://web.facebook.com/numbatTF/

    I hope that other people can find some cheer in these photos of these unique cute animals.

  • Social Justice Kamen Rider
  • DameKinouMentheOfThawneMajesta

    How are you holding up ? OO

    • DameKinouMentheOfThawneMajesta

      I’m not even American and I’m horribly depressed. oO

      • robertskitch


    • Not great, to be honest. Trying my best to keep it together for the sake of having to, you know, work.

      • DameKinouMentheOfThawneMajesta

        That’s understandable. Horrible has come to pass. Now, I suppose it’s time to collect strength and forge on… -____-

        • I was honestly…a giant ball of anger and cursing during the polling and up to the election results, but then I was just devastated. I’ve collected my thoughts, if you’re interested. I’m hoping it’s uplifting. There’s also some keen sad Cap art: http://www.starfallwebcomic.com/

          To give you a preview of how things turn out by the end of my rambling…

          The words I wrote are also accessible via http://www.presidentincestcheetojizzmophair.com

          Which Disqus is VERY unfairly shortening from its original splendid www. presidentincestcheetojizzmophair .com

          • DameKinouMentheOfThawneMajesta

            Thanks Adam.

          • DameKinouMentheOfThawneMajesta

            That was great. And that cap illustration is beautiful too. You have agreat artist collaborating with you.

          • Right? <3 I'll tell her you said so.

            Clinton's concession speech was important: this is a setback but this isn't the end of all things. It's important that people keep fighting.

      • *Offers all the hugs*

  • …election thoughts inbound. I need to caffeinate first. Will you be making a thread for it? I think you should. I think we will hold each other up, not bring each other down.

  • We can do this.