The CW Gives Arrow’s Diggle an Unfortunate Costume, S4 Trailer Premieres

DiggleArrowCostumePoor Diggle. Poor, poor Diggle. He already gets the shaft in most of Arrow’s storylines but this is too far.

The CW released this promo image of actor David Ramsey yesterday and I’m still shaking my head. I love the character, I love the actor, but I’m not sure what they were thinking about with this helmet. The first thing that came to mind for a lot of folks was that it looked a great deal like Magneto’s head gear.


The second was that it just didn’t make a lot of sense for the character. While it was always sort of a running gag that Diggle didn’t get a costume when all the other fighters did, a helmet (especially one that dense and obstructive) seems odd for a character who mainly fights hand to hand or sits on a roof to sharp shoot. I also fully expect the characters in universe to make fun of it because that’s something they would do.

“Diggle is going to get some sort of concealment,” Ramsey told CBR a few months ago at San Diego Comic-Con, “I didn’t expect to be as well-conceived as it was — I don’t think you’ll be disappointed.”


But Ramsey also noted to CBR this new look would also include a yet-to-be-revealed new identity to go along with it. Some fans have noted the helmet has similarities to DC Comics’ Guardian character…


…which would be interesting but I’m still not feeling the helmet.

We’ve also got a first trailer for Season 4 today.

There’s a lot to look at there but I’m liking what I see so far. Particularly Speedy getting into the action and “Canary.” There hasn’t been a ton of details revealed about the plot for the upcoming season but we do know Oliver and Felicity have been away for an extended period of time. I wouldn’t be surprised if our flashbacks this season relate their adventures/mishaps during that time.